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I'm continuing to pray for this brave little guy!
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Oh no! Poor little guy. I'm sending lots more vibes his way. He's such a little fighter, I pray that he gets through this hurdle quickly. Calming/healing vibes to Naya as well, I hope your headaches subside soon.
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I'm adding {{{prayers & vibes}}} for Oscar's healing, and for poor Naya - migraines are so miserable Bless you for being there for them both! Susan
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Originally Posted by jamasmom
Sending good vibes, get well soon vibes and get strong and healthy vibes to Oscar and Naya.
X2. Be strong Oscar! Naya you are an angel - get better soon
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Your good vibes and wishes have worked! Oscar has improved rapidly! He is walking (yes walking!) around the lounge and raiding my other cats bowls. I have stopped the tubefeeds and subcut fluids and now he's just syringe fed.

He tries to chase my other cats and headbonks them if he can catch them and he spent about 15mins later night jumping for a feather that Kumbulu gave him! Oscar can also get up and down the steps to my back room! He's still very very wobbly and falls over often... but his spirits are bright again and he's enjoying what he can do
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy Oscar . Keep getting better little guy .
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That's just amazing! What a wonderful turnaround. Go little guy!
Bless you Naya for being such a caring kitty guardian angel.
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I've been popping in and out of this thread and I'm so glad to hear he's doing well! He sounds like a real fighter
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:YES! O tears of joy!!!!!!!!! that is GREAT news!!!!!! I am so happy he is walking!!!! Pics,pics,pics,pics
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That is absolutely the best news!!!
Keep up the strength Oscar!!!
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Well done Oscar and Naya - we're all proud of you!
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Go Oscar!
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Oscar...you are quite the fighter aren't you!! It looks like our prayers worked!
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I am sooooooo pleased!
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Go Oscar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy!!!
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Great news!! Oscar is definately a fighter!!
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Originally Posted by stormy
Great news!! Oscar is definately a fighter!!
so happy for you & Oscar!
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Great job in pulling dear little Oscar through his healing. I am so glad he is doing so well. He's an adorable little guy.
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Way to go Oscar!!!
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What fantastic news! I was worried about you, Oscar! Way to go!!!
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Yay Oscar! What a little fighter you are!
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Yay Oscar! Keep it up little guy! You can do it!
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This is truly wonderful news. What a brave little fellow and what a lovely person you are to be so supportive and caring.
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A good and bad update on Oscar. Yesterday morning, Oscar became lethargic again and his tongue began to stick out. It was Australia day yesterday and Naya was lucky that the vet was open. The vet she usually sees was on and examined Oscar closely. He noticed that Oscar's tongue was ulcerated. His conclusion was that Oscar is possibly allergic to the other cat food he was eating when he was up and about. This is what caused his crashes and ulcerated tongue. So Oscar is now only eating his Iams kitten food. He's certainly not 100% yet but nowhere near as bad as the first crash, as Naya was able to recognise the signs and get Oscar to the vet quickly.

Hang in there little Oscar mate.
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Awww bless his little cotton socks

Sending more (((((healthy vibes))))) over
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This story just keeps bringing tears to my eyes. What a little fighter Oscar is. I wonder if he knows how many people around ther world are pulling for him. Sending healing vibes & many prayers to Oscar & his wonderful care taker Naya. Sounds like a kittens never had better care!
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Awww, poor little baby. I'm glad Naya was able to get him to a vet and get him checked out right away, and that they were able to find out what was making him sick.

Keep on fighting little guy!!
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Osar went downhill late last night, showing the same symptoms as before, including the blank look he gets in his eyes. Naya had made sure he couldn't eat the other cat's food so she was sure it wasn't that. By the time she took him to the vet first thing this morning, he was fine! The vet said that he could be having petite mal seizures which leave him exhausted afterwards. Naya has only ever seen very slight twitching in him. So Oscar is now on Phenobarb, an anti-seizure medication. He's on 1mg morning and night but the smallest tablet available is 60mg so Naya has had to crush the already tiny tablet into a powder, divide it into 30 and divide each of those in half! She laughingly said it makes her feel like a coke addict!

Hang in there Oscar little man.
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Naya, it may be worth asking if the vet can order some Phenobarbitone Elixir. It's 15mg in 5ml, so Oscar would need 0.33 ml morning and night.
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You're one fighter of a kitty, Oscar!! You can do it!!

Keep up the fantastic work, Naya and Oscar!

Sending continued heathy and healing }}}VIBES{{{
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