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Oscar, the kitten attacked by a dog. - Page 7

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For Oscar.
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Poor Oscar! He is SOOOO cute I wish I could take hime home. Jasmine and I are sending good vibes your way!Get better soon little man!
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Any word on Oscar after the operation?
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Just checking the site to see how Oscar's doing. Whenever you get the chance to let us know what's going on with him we'll be waiting. My prayers are with you and Oscar.
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No word yet, I'll let you know as soon as I've heard anything...
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I have just got home from the vets, Oscar in tow! Hungry as all hell because they had several emergencies and were not able to get to him today. We start the whole drama again in the morning! *rolls eyes*

He is certainly very perky this evening though and was playing last night, something he has not done in some time.

I will update as soon as I know more tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
Here's little Oscar.

Oh my word What a little angel
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LOL Naya, don't know if you can say that 'h' word on TCS.

I think he's cottoned on to the fact that there may be hope for him and that's why he's perked up a bit.
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Awwww He is just so gorgeous!!!
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Sending lots of good vibes today. Hope all goes well!!!!!
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Adding my continued thoughts and vibes for little Oscar. Keep fighting little guy!!
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Still sending vibes and prayers to Oscar.
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Just looking at his pictures he looks like he is begining to get alot better. He is such a cute little kitty. Hope everything comes out alright.
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I am so very, very sorry to let you all know that Oscar didn't make it.

He handled the anaesthetic OK but his liver was just so damaged, it was like pate. It just bled whenever they touched it and when they tried to move it a little, a corner just came off. Naya had to make the extremely difficult decision to let him go.

Naya, as I said to you on the phone, he will be waiting to see you again one day.

Rest In Peace little man.
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Oh I was so hoping not to hear this news. *sigh* My heart is with yours.

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I am in tears right now!! He was a real fighter! To bounce back from his injuries and to have this happen is just tooooo sad. RIP little Oscar. Run happy and pain free over the rainbow bridge.
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Tania, at your request and in honor of Oscar, I will now move this thread to Crossing The Bridge.


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Thank you Gaye.
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Oh little Oscar, RIP little guy...........the world was better for having had you with us.............
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Oh my goodness this is the last place i expected to see that gorgeous little boy

Tania and you Naya, i'm so very sorry God wanted this little cherub on his lap more than anything.

Play happily over the bridge Oscar and have fun with all the other kittens


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Poor Oscar.
God has a special place for fighters like you where you can be safe. You can meet the dog that did this to you and forgive him so that both of your animals souls can be at rest.

Play happliy in the eternal garden over the bridge little kittie.
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RIP little man.
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O no poor darling angel baby RIP sweet Oscar, you sweet little boy
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Oh no Oscar I really thought that you would pull through!!

RIP sweetiepie!
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Beloved Oscar...
You are loved by so many and will remain in our hearts forever.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, Tania and Naya on this very sad day.
Brave little Oscar...RIP.
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I am so sorry that Oscar didn't make it. What a fighter he was. He should be an inspiration for all of us going through hard times to keep of fighting even if it seems to great. RIP Oscar! You will be missed!
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poor little baby..............
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Poor dear Oscar

I know that he will be watching over you both as he happily plays He deserves such a special place in Heaven!

Thinking of you, Tania and Naya with all my heart

RIP Sweet Oscar
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I really wasn't expecting this! I am so sorry for you Tanya and Naya. You are lucky to have known such a wonderful kitty and I have been touched by his strength. Such a sweet little face he reminded me so much of Sleeves as a kitten.
Rest in peace sweet little Oscar
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Oh, poor little Oscar! He's with the angels now - or should I say, he's with the rest of the angels. He always was a little fur-covered angel sent to earth.

My heart goes out to you both, Naya and Tania. Oscar knew more love and joy in his short life than most being know in a full lifetime.
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