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Hello Guys/gals

Brought a Kitty last week. Was told that is was male.
Had a quick look, but as many people say it can be hard.
Now looking at some pictures on the net i think he is a she,
Again, im not srue myself.
Can i post a picture of my cats behind for someone to help me out?

Many thanks

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Hi Louise, welcome to TCS.

Of course you can post a picture. That would be good. This webpage might help too:

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Hello and thanks for the welcome

grabed a pic, hope its good enough

Many thanks

Hmmm how do i get a pic up? Cant see anywhere ?
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Click the quote button in my reply, scroll down a bit and click on manage attachments.
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Nope, nothing there.
It dose say down the bottom

'I may not post attachments'

So maybe this needs to be undone?

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Oh right sorry, I forgot. You need to have a certain number of posts and be a member for a certain amount of time to post attachments. If you e-mail it to me, I can post it for you.
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On its way.

Thank You
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You have a beautiful female kitten.
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I guess you'll be thinking about a new name. This thread gives some great ideas:
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So he is deffo a she ???

Hmmm lol Shocked.

She is beautyfull. Cost 100 pounds, and i beleive is half British Blue as the Mother was Full B/Blue

Thanks again.... Time to look at thos names!
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Yes, definitely a she. Do you perhaps mean British Shorthair as British Blues are well, blue (a deep grey) LOL.
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lol i have no idea on cats.
When we went to pick the cat up, i asked if i could see the mother.
She kindly agreed stateing the mother was a British Blue.
I laughed, becasue the mother was greying,but i had a white kitten.
We couldnt find the mother, but the women just said, farther must be white.
Still, i Guess i have just a white normal Moggy ?
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I think so too but whatever she is, she is very sweet.
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She is absolutely beautiful! There is a White Cat Thread in the Fur Pictures Forum so please post some more pictures of her there.
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She is most definitely a she...and absolutely adorable!
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She's gorgeous!
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She's very cute!

I have a little white one just like her!
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Our girl was supposed to be a boy. Sometimes when they are really young it is hard to tell. Even the vet said it was a close call. Of course as she got older it became apparent. It took forever for us to stop calling her "he." She went from Meko to Meeka.
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