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Cats HATE new kitten!

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hey, my first post...YAY!


I own two cats, a female Ragdoll and male Brumese. The Brumese, Kovou, we got at christmas, and after three weeks he and Jessie (the ragdoll) seem to be getting on well enough excpet they still chase each other.

However, around christmas time my poor baby Tigger went missing and was never found, we recken a snake got him...

anyway, I was given a kitten today ( a male moggy) because of what happened with Tigger.

The kitten seems to be settling in fine, but the other two hate him!

Jessie is acting the way she did with Kovou, hissing and growling, and I think I am right to believe that after three weeks she will get on with the kitten (Boone) as she did with Kovou.

However, I am surprised that Kovou and the kitten aren't getting on. Kovou is older, though still a kitten himself and very playful. He wants to be near the kitten, but hisses at it. (he is better than poor jess, though, who steers clear of it)

the kitten doesn't seem to mind that much anymore, but I'm just wondering how to make all the cats feel at home. the kitten, Boone, is in my room at the moment, but I don't know what to do with him tonight, as my room is where Jessie sleeps, and I don't want the poor girl to feel rejected or unhappy.

any ideas?
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He's just doing what male cats do - defending his territory. After a while he'll settle down (especially if she respects his 'places' and picks her own). It can take a while, and because she's so young she'll be rambunctious and challenge him, but as long as you keep an eye on them when together til she's big enough to feel safe (able to jump to high places), the should be ok. I wouldn't leave them alone a lot when you go out - close her door.
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