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New heat

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Back in June, my husband found two 5-week old kittens tied in a pillow case and dumped on the side of the road. They were both female and are now in heat. But it seems to me that the heat doesn't want to end. One comes in then goes out in time for her sister to come in and go out in time for her sister to come in again. The first has now "gone into heat" for the third time. Is this normal? And how long does this go on? We are going to spay both of them, but can't do it at this moment. My sanity needs the answer to this one. Basically I have two cats in heat and I am going slowly - out - of - my - mind.
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Cats are usually in heat for approximately a week. The more they go in and out the more they are prone to piometeria. Once this heat cycle is over, my suggestion is to get them fixed. Pio can kill if not detected. BTW, I use to live in Vegas (until a week ago) and wish I knew you so I could help you. Good luck and let me know if you need any help.

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Thanks for the reply. Fortunately, the money has appeared to remedy the spaying problem. The only problem...they don't seem to want to go out of heat. Kitty number 2 just entered her third go-around. BTW...what is piometeria?

You say you left 'Vegas a week ago? Then you know what the weather was when we found our 'brat cats'. (grrroowwl)
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Pyo = pus metria = uterus. Ergo: a serious infection of the uterus which, if untreated, will lead to peritonitis and/or septicemia (blood poisoning) and a very painful death. Cats seem to be prone to this infection.
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The heat cycle can last a pretty long time, my cat was in and out of heat about 4-5 times before I got her spayed. I know some vets do spay even while the cat's in heat, but my vet says she really doesn't recommend it, since there's more bleeding then and more risk and that it's better to wait for when they're not in heat. So what I've done with both my cats is keep a journal of their heats, so I know the pattern, and schedule the spay in the time between heats. For my older cat this was pretty difficult, since she was in heat for a week, out for a week, in a week etc, so it was hard getting an appointment for the week in between, but we managed it after all.
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Cats heat last approximatly a week, they repeat the cycle every other week. Every heat cycle she has will drastically increase the cats chance of pyo and also mamary cancer, utarine cancer, and other reproductive problems. They will not stop heat until they are pregnant, which I would not let them get pregnant because that has problems in its own. There are organizations out there that will help pay for the cost of spaying if you are in need, there are spay and neuter days, and some vets will work with you, I suggest you look in to it.
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I just had my female Siamese spayed because she had an infection. She had been in and out of heat for at least three weeks. I had to isolate her from the male. The crying is very loud, and annoying. The most important thing was her health, however. She had a couple beautiful litters for me, and then lost her last two. That's how I knew something was wrong. There was no other symptom until she came in heat immediately and seemed to stay in heat all that time.
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Yes, utirine infections can be hard to detect, even experienced breeders miss them, untrained and inexpirianced people can lose cats to infections. My friends cat got pyo, she tried to save her uterus because she was such a beutiful girl, after two weeks of fighting the infection it still wasn't gone, she was spayed but due to the infection she is now in renal failure. Its very sad. This cat was only 7 months old at the time of the infection and is now only a year. She had never had a litter, been with a male, or even gone into heat, and now she is dying. The breeder had known about pyo and caught it early, otherwise, she would have been dead. Its a very harmful infection that must be avoided at all costs.
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