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Snowball, my hedgie!

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This is my new hedgehog, Snowball....

Isn't she a sweetie!
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Sooooooo cute!!!
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Awww, Snowball is so cute!!
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Wow a hedgehog!! Can you keep pets like that where you are? I don't know if you'd be allowed to here - but that is a mighty cute little baby!!
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They are illegal in some states, but not mine! Luckily.
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Awwwww good grief i love hedgehogs!
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How cute! I've never heard of one being kept as a pet before.
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Look at that precious little face!!
She is adorable.
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oh my gosh - is that EVER cute! You should have warned us

I dont' know much about hedgehogs (ok, I don't know anything), but I do know that is one cute hedgehog!!!
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Aw, hedgehogs are so cute!
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Thank you! I've had someone tell me that was the cutest hedgie they'd ever seen!
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I looooove hedgehogs... Snowball is a very cute one!
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Look at her little black nose!!!
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Hi snowball! What a little cutie you are!
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did you buy her or rescue her?
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I bought her, and I had to drive three hours away to get her! They do not sell hedgehogs in pet stores here, not that I would buy one from them. Usually pet stores do not know how to properly take care of a hedgehog and you do not know if they have a history of illness. I never saw any that needed rescuing in my area. I am a first time hedgie owner and I don't think I would have wanted to start with one that had had a bad home. I love my hedgie non the less. She is my little bundle of quills!
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This morning it was on the breakfast news how hedgehogs are becoming extinct here in the UK.

They had the rescue centre on called "Mrs Tiggywigs" and awwwww they were so sweet!
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Snowball is beyond precious . I want a hedgehog so badly! This may be a dumb question, but can you snuggle with them or are they too prickly?
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Hedgehogs may look cute and illicit an "aaaaawwww" response , but they are a walking flea-bus !!

They inherit them from their mothers in the nest, but hedgehog fleas are very different to those found on dogs or cats. Hedgehog fleas only live on hedgehogs.

If one finds itself in the dense, warm coat of a dog or cat it immediately knows it's in the wrong place and drops off to wait for another hedgehog. The same goes for hedgehog fleas that get onto humans, they do not stay long before leaving to find a hedgehog to live on. Likewise they wont get into your carpet and furnishings either. (Well they might, but they're not dangerous to you or your cats)

HOWEVER !!! Never spray a hedgehog with flea spray. You'll end up with a dead hedgehog. If it's completely infested, the only safe product to use is a pyrethrum based powder.

Has she started making "noises" yet? I'm not saying any more - just wait !!

Weird creatures hedgehogs !
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I don't know where you got your hedgehog, but they should not have fleas! Mine is perfectly healthy; not a flea on her. Did you buy yours from a pet store? They do not take good care of hedgehogs! I've never even heard of fleas on a hedgehog.
To answer ugaimes question.....Yes, you can sort of snuggle with them. Mine loves to sit on my lap covered up with a blanket while I'm on the computer! I would not recomend a hedgehog to someone who does not know much about them. They are a lot of work and can not be left alone for more than 24 hours. They are also nocturnal, which can be a problem for some people. But if you know what your doing a hedgehog can be a very nice pet! They live for about 5 years or so if they are healthy.

What do you mean by "noises"? They can make all sorts of noises. Hissing, clicking, sometimes purring (which I haven't heard), and many more.
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