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Should we adopt another one or not?

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We are thinking of adopting another little boy but ,we are not sure how our 7 month old male will take to him. Bear is already over-active, and i think he may get mad living with a nother kitty. Bear loves to be the center of atintion. so we are not sure yet but we would love another little boy around.

If u have some advise please post. thanks.

Ps. here is a post of my baby with santa, its the most recent pic I have, and yal havent got to see him yet.
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Well that sure is a cute pic....How did you get him to allow it? I think both of "my boys" would be scared to death of santa!
Toby was , and at 15 months still is VERy active and likes being the center of attention. (He IS the alpha cat!) Whe he was 6 months old we adopted another "boy" his age. It was the best thing we could have done, and we don`t regret it one bit. They are Best Buds and are so much company for each other.
I`d vote on getting a second kitty.
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I also have to second that vote. so two votes "yes, get another kitty".

There are many ways you can introduce your new baby to your resident kitty, to improve thier ways of learning to like each other. We are always on here at TCS, and any questions are answered in a timely fashion.

Keep us up-dated as to when the new kitty comes(if he does)
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I agree with you getting another kitty but I think you should get a female. The chances of opposite sex getting along are better. Not saying 2 males wont get along just saying it might go easier with a female.
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Thanks for the help!
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Yes, yes, yes!

A male under a year old is probably more likely than any other cat to accept another cat with minimal fuss. There may be a bit of hissing at first but that's just how they work out who's boss. After a few days they will probably be the best of friends!
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I think it might actually be good for him to have a friend
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I vote YES to a new kitty and lots of photos when you do!!
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I say yes... I only wish I had thought about two when I got Zoey...
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definitely! i have a boy and a girl and they give each other lots of exercise!
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