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Missy, Simba, Star and Ollie!

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Heres a few pictures of my gang! I take so many pictures lol. there getting sick of all the flashes!

Missy as a baby;

Heres one that the shelter had which had her in, she was dumped in a bag with her sisters and brothers with the mother, this shelter took them all in and charged £25 for each kitten, to help the funds to get the mother spayed which I paid and donated alittle extra. Missy is the one on the left.

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepy Missy.

An older picture of Missy taken the other day.

Missy I decided to keep as an indoor cat because of all the roads round here. I'd be to scared to let my baby out! A few months after having her I booked her in to be spayed when I took her to the vet he said she had a kitten virus, which is common in stray abandoned cats, He gave her some antibotic shots, and told me to put on hold the spaying. around this time, my other cat Ollie, had an infection in his eye, so it was rush tyo the vets, he had lots of eye drops which cost an abouslte fortune couldn't believe it, so I had to use the money saved up for Missy, that summer, she snuck out of the house, I have no idea to this day how! but cats are very sneaky, I paniced all night calling her,she was hididng under the slide, I realised she must not of gone far. a few weeks later Missy is buldging in her stomach, I panic now, feel like i;m the worse mum in the world, she was infact pregnant, I felt so upset.... I was worried but Missy succesfly had 4 beautful kittens, with alot of vet help on hand. I have kept to of the kittens the brothers, Star and Simba, and the girls who I named Nala and Dusty found a loving home together. with some lovely people I call and email now, so it's lovely, she's sending me some pictures, and shes getting them vaccinated and spayed next week. the boys I have kept are booked in for there vaccinations, and Missy for her booster and spaying of course. as the kittens are only 4 months, the vet advised me to wait till 5. Missy should be having her spaying next week crossed fingers, my vets really busy, and i'm waiting on some vouchers for money off from cats protection for spaying. sorry for gonig on! oh I could go on for hours about them all! I felt like an awful mum when all this happend, I took her to the vet constantly, but the end result I have 2 loving males, who I adore, and worship, and the females are homed together. I had all there checks done wormed and flead. anyway heres soem pictures of Star and Simba!

Star is the one with more white on him!

heres a picutre I put together of all of them.

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Awww! What a sweet little fur family you have! Such cuties!!!
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Star and his candy cane. :P

Stars loving face.
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Awwwww.... I love your cats! Simba's coloring is so cool!
you're not a bad mommy
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Thanks so much! there all fighting for space on my lap right now. :P apart from Ollie he's got his nose in his dish!!
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Awwww what cute kittens.
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AAAwww you have beautiful babies!! Your a WONDERFUL mommie. Thanks for sharing...........
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THANKS SO MUCH!! Lots a kitty cuddles from my gang.
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They are all just beautiful!!!!
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Awwwww more little Sophies!
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Missy has great markings!

Sweet pictures
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What cuties!
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hehe thanks!
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