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Zissou has an appt to get spayed in about a week and a half and I am just wondering what to expect. She is a perfectly healthy 6 month old kitten who was either a stray or a feral, found at 2.5 mos. She is spending the night at the vet and then coming home next afternoon. Should we buy her a special kind of litter? How do we keep her from jumping about and stretching too much to keep the stitches shut? Any advice is greatly appreciated. (though, not looking for any argument about getting her spayed or not, please )
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Just keep her quiet for 24 hours in a room where there is not much to jump on. Ask for a post-op pain shot for her (it is an added charge) but she should be fine. Thank you for deciding to get her spayed
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Thank you for the advice, Hissy. I will definitely ask for the shot.
I have only one problem... We only have three rooms, so I don't know how I could keep her in one, and all three seem equally jumpable. Is it okay to put her in the bathroom at first if we try to make it super-comfy for her? I don't know how we would keep her in there very long, though.

Hissy- I have read your posts on how you feed homeless cats, and thats so amazing! I already had her appt to get spayed, but the things you said made me convinced to go through the worry and the night without my kitty to get her spayed even though she only goes outside in her harness and leash with us arm's length away.

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It's a good choice to make, because believe it or not, even on a harness if the cat is outside and in heat, a tomcat will get her. I've heard of it happening.

See how it goes with her. I generally put the females in a large cage for 24 hours with a litter pan and a lot of soft bedding. They will try and jump and they will be groggy and sore and could miss their launching platform and really hurt themselves.

If you are interested, you can see some of my gang here in the enclosure

And thank you for letting me know why you changed your mind. You truly made my day!
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She should be feeling pretty much like herself by the next day. Do not give more pain medication after she gets home. She will be a little sore but the soreness will tell her that she shouldn't do too much jumping or climbing. She can return to normal activity and diet when she gets home. You will be surprised how resilient she is.
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Hissy, Wow! Your enclosure is sooo cool! Your kitties must be soooo happy!

Only about a day? I thought she would take more time to heal...
We'll try to be good nurses! Wish her luck, its only a few days away now!
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Sometimes I think they are made of rubber. They recover fast!
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