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Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

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Hi all ,

My male kitten (abt 22 weeks old) likes to pee in two specific places....along with peeing in the cat box.

I have been reading about Baking Soda being good to clean the area and it helps soak up the odors....is this true?

Can someone let me know if this is safe for my babies and how to use it? It is on carpet of course and right now we are not at an option of pulling up the carpet to replace the padding and cleaning underneath.

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its safe as far as I am concerned. But I have doubts that it will be effective in removing the strong odor of urine from the carpet, which is probably soaked through the pad. There is a product called "Nok-out" that is real good for this, and some other products as well in pet stores. BTW, I am now using Arm and Hammer litter called Super Scoop. It is the best I have ever tried. Good luck.
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Definatly get some kind of spot/odor remover from your pet store nearby. I have heard that no matter how hard you scrub, you cant get that smell out. The kitties can smell it no matter if you cant, and the spots gone, if you just scrub and even baking soda cant get it out.

They have cleaners that break down, the enzymes and make it be gone gone, like so the kitties cant even smell it. It works good. Also, if you turn out your lights, and use a blacklight, you can see all of the spots that they'd peed on. And also some other things that make you think your walls need to scrubbed. lol
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I would also try a cleaner designed for pet stains or urine first for the best results. I am a huge fan of baking soda- the stuff is great and safe. You can add it to litter boxes for odor control, put it in the fridge/freezer, put it in your laundry for fresch smell, clean stinky dishes, put it in your smelly shoes, put it in your closet..
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