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I think I'm going crazy...(rant)

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I'm sorry but I just needed to talk about this somewhere with "animal people" who understand.

Today the s/o and I found a labX running around the alley. His name's Dozer, he's very sweet tempered but very muddy and he's been out for a little while although not too long because he wasn't too hungry.

He had a collar and a number so we called it and got a cellphone, which wasn't turned on and the message box was full. We looked up the name of the person in the phone book, called the number... no answer. It's Saturday. So we drive to the address in the book, turns out the people had just moved out and moved to another street near us, which makes sense rather than him wandering all the way down from the canyon. So we then attempted to track down the new address, which we finally got from a mail carrier who was delivering in the area. We called both the humane society and animal control and neither have a "lost" report. We don't have a yard or facilities for taking care of a dog really (we're not supposed to have one although I think in an emergency our landlords would understand), so we took him to the house, put him on the leash that's tied to the porch railing and made sure he had food and water. that was at 2 p.m. today. Now its 4:30, no one's answered or returned phonecalls and he's still there.

I didn't want to take him to the shelter because I think it's such a tramatic experience for an animal and I wanted to spare him that, but now I'm thinking I made a mistake. Anyway, I think if the owners haven't called us back by 8 or so we're going to go get the dog and bring him here. I feel terrible about leaving him there for so long with no one (seems like) even knowing he was gone.

On top of that, while Kanoe has stopped licking herself long enough for her hindquarters to heal... today I found a balding patch on her foreleg. She's never licked there before.

I'm about ready to cry. I feel like such a bad kitty mom and I've tried everything I can think of for Kanoe, short of putting her on heavy drugs. I feel bad for this doggie...

In general things are just going sort of wrong today. Sorry for ranting, but thank you for "listening."
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First of all..(((hugs)))

you are not a bad kitty mom. I hope the dog's owners call you back, please keep us updated. Don't feel like you're doing the wrong thing, what else are you supposed to do?
Hopefully when they get their dog back, he won't get out again..
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Ooo...so sorry things with your cat are crazy.

Good job on taking care of the dog. The owners may have come home and not bothered to call you. People are like that around where I live. Either that or I fear the worse that they "purposely" left the dog. In which case, they don't deserve that dog!!!

Anyways, good luck with you cat.
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Oh Dakota, sweetie, don't be so hard on yourself! You did the right thing returning the dog, and it's possible that since you put him on a leash that was already in place they didn't even know he'd gotten loose (I'm smelling lazy college bachelor(s)'s dog, here - probably a "I thought YOU put him out!" kinda deal) While that still sucks that they missed him so little, at least you returned him to where he "belongs."

And I'm sorry Kanoe is still having grooming/anxiety issues, poor thing. Here's hoping she can relax and stop tearing her hair out!
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Poor doggie, I hope it's just a case of moving day confusion and not neglect. Good for you for looking after him.

I hope you can get Kanoe to stop with the anxiety grooming too!
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Okay, so the s/o walked down to the guy's house to check on Dozer (google is a wonderful thing, the guy is a real estate renter and is a desert storm war vet) and when the s/o was about 1/2 block away he saw Dozer making whining sounds and wagging his tail. Happy sounding, not bad. Whoever it was put him in a truck and drove off.

Still hasn't called us, although apparently now his cel phone's on.

Sheesh! I don't know if the guy thinks we're just weirdos cause we called and told him his dog was lost and then he comes home and his dog is on the porch or if he just didn't care.

It makes me sooooo mad!

I hadn't wanted to take Dozer to the shelter cause I 1) didn't want him to go through the process and 2)figured I'd try to spare the owner the $25 fee to spring him. (Some people come and just won't pay the fine, so the dog gets put up for adoption.)

Now I wish there was someway to have confirmed that this guy really DID care for his dog without putting Dozer through a traumatizing experience.

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