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Road test

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Tomarrow I'm going to take my road test for the third time. Yes I know what you're thinking.... THIRD TIME????

Well I am a moron when it comes to controling my emotions and I get SO nervous I can't even think straight. Actually this will be my fourth trip to the RMV because my first test date was on 9/11..... Need I say more?

The 2nd time and the first time I got to actually take the test I looked over the wrong shoulder doing a 3 point turn and almost hit a mini van. The cop had me so confused. Instead of saying "Pull off to the side of the road and do a K turn" He would say"Signal your right turn signal, slowly apply the brakes and pull off to the side of the road. Cut your wheel all the left and look...."

By the time he finished talking I had no idea what he wanted me to do. The 3rd time and 2nd test the cop was a real p@#$& and failed me because when I was doing a 3 point turn my tire went a little in the guy's drive way. He said"If the driveway wasn't there then you'd be on the grass." I said "If the driveway wasn't there I wouldn't have pulled up so far."

Regardless of it all I'm trying again tomarrow and if I fail this time I'm going to break down in tears. I drive fine. Heck, I've been driving for over a year now(with someone with me of course).

Anyway I need all the luck I can get.
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I hope all goes well. Driving was not the easiest thing for me to learn. I think I was the only one in my whole high school that got an incomplete in drivers ed. Good Luck!!!
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UUhhhh hold on a sec....

You're in Mass..... Judging from the drivers there, how hard could the test be???

Im just kidding, testing is hard, especially when you get that nervous.. Im the smae way. Good luck on your test!!

Remember what I always say...

Better living through pharmacuticals

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I know I ask myself that ALL the time. I'll look at the parking lot and see the cars that are all sloppily parked and I shake my head and say"But I can't get my licence"

Or the guy who last week drove into a fire hydrant. His excuse was"I don't know what happened"

........But I can't get my licence.
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Third time's the charm! Good Luck!
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Took me 3 times too, and I lived in Beverly, MA at the time. The first time, my dad drove down and parked the car nose in, and the tester failed me because I couldn't back out in one smooth curve! As if that's EVER an issue in real life! The second time, same guy, he decided I was too nervous and wouldn't issue a license. The third time, I got all dressed up and put on makeup (at 17, that was unusual for me) and he passed me. I think it was the skirt, I looked middle class not schleppy. But of course I can't prove that.
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Good Luck!

make sure to celebrate after you pass!

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I got my license in MA about 11 years ago. The test WAS hard!! LOL Imagyne!!

Good luck, BadHabit....where are you taking the test? Hyannis, or Plymouth???

I'm sure you'll pass w/ flying colors!!!!
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Good luck on your test today!
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Let us know how it goes!
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Bad Habit passed! Yay! Congratulations! Freedom!

:flash: :laughing: :laughing2 :LOL: :blubturq: :splitter: :rainbow: :rainbow: :girly2: :girly1: :daisy:
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Thank you thank you

btw dtolle I took the test in Hyannis.
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Congrats on passing the test

People on the East coast drive MUCH different than the West coast. When I first got out here, they scared me to death! I was wondering if they even had a drivers
Most people in CT refer to MA drivers as Massholes...however, now that I have experienced NJ drivers, I have to say MA drivers aren't that bad
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LOL that's funny... Massholes!!!

I guess maybe it's because of the rotaries? We get accustomed to driving in a disorderly fashion.
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OMG, don't get me started on the roteries!! My girlfriend has a cottage in Brewster and EVERY time I go there, I swear I end up everywhere but where I need to be!!! We are supposed to go at the end of May, this time I told her I was going to follow
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massholes, I love that Sandie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We definitly drive awful here, no doubt about it.

Although I lived in Germany for so long that I consider myself "normal"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats BadHabit. I knew you'd pass!!!!!!
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What in the world are roteries? I find that driving in the states along the Gulf coast is completely different that any where else on North America. I've never been that far east but I have been to Michigan several times and there is a huge difference!
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I take that back! I was in Baltimore March 2001 but I was kinda out in the Boonies and never drove. I was also in DC a couple of Christmases ago but again, I never drove.
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if you ever come to baltimore again, let me know!
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LOL A rotery is a peice of highway that will take you in circles for HOURS if you don't know what you are
It's a large circle with exits along the way. You can get off at any one, but make sure you are in the right, or if you screw up, it takes you back to where you started
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I loved driving in Texas.. At least in the smaller places, folks are actually polite on the road..

And they have this like 1 finger (index) wave thingie they do, so they can say hi without taking thier hand off the wheel. Oh and if your going faster than someone, they actually move to the shoulder to let you pass, of course giving the wave.

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Oh!!! I definitely know what you are talking about. When I was in baltimore one of the girls I was with got completely lost and it was exactly as you are describing!!!! When I'm not the one driving I can't really remember stuff like that unless someone jogs my memory

Unfortunately Colby I don't know when I would get another chance. I worked for a company the first three months that I was out of college that sent me to Baltimore for training. That's where their headquarters are. You may have heard of them; TEKsystems or Allegis Group. Too bad I didn't find TCS in early 2001 but you never know!
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Hey! Michigan drivers are great!!! I am from there, but am now in NC where no one has ever heard of a turning signal! Get a clue y'all!!
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As I child I actually grew up in Taylor, MI just a bit outside of Detroit. I have tons of family there. What part are you from.
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Ken, people do that wave thing in rural Nebraska, too! Those small town people are absolutely the most considerate drivers I've ever been around.

Bad drivers are taking over the world!! The big thing here in Colorado is trying to curb road rage. A couple years ago on one of those merge-in onramps from the highway one guy actually shot someone on the highway for not letting him in!
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One time I was visiting some of my family in Oklahoma City. It was Christmas so I saved my shopping to do down there and they gave me directions to the mall. Now as soon as you pass the city limits, it turns to fields and pastures, so pretty quickly I felt like I was out in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, I notice a long line of cars in front of me and traffic was just creeping along. I was so frustrated! I topped the hill and realized what was going on: there was a 4-way intersection and people were actually stopping and letting other drivers go! ONE AT A TIME! I was completely bamboozled. Nobody in Boston drives like that! If you let one car go, you can bet the 10 cars behind them will go to and you'll NEVER get back in gear! I had no idea that people actually followed rules like that before.
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Sfell -- I am from Canton & Brighton (Western suburb kid), but went to high school in Dearborn. My husband and I may be moving back to that area if things go well. Do you miss MI or are you a Texan now?
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Well I was born in Houston but moved up to MI with my mom when I was 2 when my parents divorced. I visited my dad in Houston every summer and then when I was 10 I moved to Houston to live with him. Unfortunately, MI has a lot of bad memories for me
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Hey Badhabit...justsaw this thread!!! Congrats on passing your test! Way to go!!
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