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Amelia needs your help! Those in Tenn. especially

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This is sad. Not a total tragic loss like Max, but the abuse was disgusting and this little lady needs help.


Pet Vigilante Defender for hire by the way! I would love to return the favor to the b******s who did this.
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I only know one person in TN, but I sent her the link and she will sign the petition. I would like to see all states take animal abuse more seriously!!
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Me too Sandie! Personally, I think it should carry the same penalty as for humans. Attempted murder, etc. At least Amelia now has loving people to take care of her and who will treat her right.
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Well Chuck,

You succeeded in making me cry yet AGAIN!!! I am so sick of all this animal abuse. I'm sick of the people who abuse the animals. I'm sick of people not taking responsibility for producing cats with permanent medical problems, FIP, herpes, etc, and then continue to keep on producing cats knowing that the cats have been exposed to FIP. They have no business doing what they're doing. I think I'm going underground for a while. I need to get away from all this stuff.

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Donna, I am so sorry. I guess I should just stop posting these types of stories. They infuriate me so much and sometimes I feel so alone in wanting to do anything about it. I feel like standing on a roof top with a bull horn and screaming at the top of my lungs or taking a snipers rifle and killing these poor excuse for a human being's who is wasting mine and my cats air by even breathing. I promise to stop loetting you in on these stories if it's too much for you. Still, I would appreciate any further he;p that you can give me regarding Max. Again, Donna, I am sorry for getting you upset once again.

PS-Did you see the post about my sick boy? Don't worry, he's going to be fine.
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I would do this, and you may want to ask Anne but I dont like to e mail because my e mail is linked to my buis. I noticed a lot of TN people on the members section that dont post ALL the time. You may want to put the link in an e mail if they have made it available. Just an idea...
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Oh, this is terrible...

I wonder if they can make that man or his family at least pay for the medical bills (which must be pretty substantial). I know it's not nearly enought of a punishment but some people have no heart and they may be able to feel something through their pocket instead.

I'll post this link in the weekly newsletter. I hope this brings some more people to help.
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Thanks Anne, your a doll! I have just too much heart for the feline species. I wish that I could save and help them all.
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I was so sad to hear about Amilea. I live in TX. so can not be of much help.MOney is tight now so can not send any today. I just wanted to say that people who mistreat anamials shoud get the same treatment and see how they like it.We should all take a stand in protecting the helpless animals around us.
Thank You for letting me sound off. I have a cat and dog.I take good care of them.They are part of my family.When anyone is mean to them they have me to deal with and it isn't pretty.
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Welcome Miss Kitty Cat! Why not join us in the other forums as well?
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Dear Chuck,
This is horrifying. Another baby unrightously wounded and for what!!!!! Another link on my webpage for an injured animal...that's just great! I'm furious! I just posted an email I received from this woman who found a baby raccoon badly beaten by a GOLF CLUB!!! Sound familiar...he's doing okay, but they need our support too, not financially but making people work harder for animal rights. Which we all should be doing...I'm getting so caught up in this and I can see that everyone here is so shaken, I know I am!
I would love just one great story about good things...ya know...I'm so sick and tired of these $#@^$^Q^$Q#^TQ's! I just can't comprehend such evil... It really sucks! I will stay strong as long as I can and do whatever I can to help; please, let's band together and do the right thing.
God Bless To All
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