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Muddy feet

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For those of us that have indoor/outdoor cats; how do you deal with muddy feet?? We are having an unusually warm January and Bakker was enamored with something in the veggie garden. Its quite muddy and with long hair between his toes his feet were pretty muddy. Just water on a washcloth got some off I added dishsoap which by that time he was squirming a bit. Bobs with her shot hair plus added outdoor smarts doesn't seem to get to dirty. The other 2 avoid the mud (older and wiser!!) Bakker hasn't learned about mud quite yet!!
Any ideas would be helpful.
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If you find out I'd like to know as well, we recently had a new white bathroom fitted, Chloe loves playing with the water and seems to run out get dirty and then run round the bath and washbasin. I did wonder if she was trying to wash herself! but the idea seems to be to get as many muddy footprints as possible.

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I'd love to know too. Jake's the worst culprit of my gang, he has very fluffy 'snowshoe' feet that get saturated in mud which he then leaves on every solitary surface in the house, it's like that scene from Disney's Cinderella.

Anyone know where they sell cat wellington boots?
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They sell little doggie boots at Target. I don't know if they'd work for cats but.....http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html...sin=B0009I71X2
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Mine all get muddy too and bring it in. I have tried putting mats outside the catflap and inside the hall so they at least have to run over them before reaching the carpet, but it is not a perfect solution.
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Yeap, muddy feet are sometimes annoying. Murelino does the same thing - marks all the floor with muddy footprints. I don't worry about that much any more, because I can do nothing to prevent that.
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That would be wonderful if you could get booties for cats. I can't imagine ever being able to put them on though!
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Originally Posted by pushylady
That would be wonderful if you could get booties for cats. I can't imagine ever being able to put them on though!

Or how to train them to take them off and leave them neatly lined up by the door when they come in.
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My cats dont go outside but I do have five dogs which equals 20 very muddy paws. I use alot of towels but there's still mud everywhere. Ah.......I just love the rainy season.
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