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Kitten food?

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Hey everyone! I've had a problem with my cats diet for awhile, Ollie my eldest is fine. but Missy has ALWAYS been so FUSSY!! as a kitten growing up I gave her Purina pro kitten or purina one. and Whikas wet food pouches. Sometimes she would get bored, so i'd buy Royal cannin kitten for her, as she's gotten older shes got so much worse. I fed her on Whikas tins, she loved this, then.... she got bored, I always change the flavours and textures, sometimes gravy etc. Then she refused to eat it. for a few days, So I went into my supermakert and tried Whiskas pouches, she loved this.... till a point, even buying the all sorts of varitys she just wouldn't be pleased.

Now shes back onto the tins again, and eating them ok....

the kittens the recent additions. are the same! They had whiskas kitten tins, and whiskas kitten dry. they loved this, butb the kittens kept trying to pinch the adult Whiskas out of Missys bowl after she'd had enough, soon enough. The kittens, Simba and Star wont eat the kitten, only thing they will eat is the adult wet Whikas, theres not enough vitimins in this surely? but they woudl both rather not eat all day. than have there kitten food, I just don't understand.i even tried mixingalittle kitten in with adult, and it still didn't work....

I tend to stay away from the Felix range, as everytime, it makes Missy have diahrea. What else can I try for them all?

I've ran out of ideas. i'm worried about only feeding adult, as it doesn't have as many vitmins in, I do give the kittens fish shaped vitimin tablets, as well as there usual diet, but i noticed today one of the kittens stool was runny. I hope this isn't the adult foods fault, I can't imagine it being, as the little tike is cunning, and always managed to scrape bits out of Missys bowl when she had left it.
What else can I try?

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Well I know purina and especially whiskas and all other grocery store brands are very unhealthy for cats. It is like feeding your child mcdonalds everyday his whole life. You are just switching between one below quality brand to another. Other then the Royal Canin that is, that is a great food.

Go to your local PET store such as PetSmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus and look at foods like Nutro, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul, look for foods that don't have by-products in them and have mostly meat as the first 3 ingredients and not a lot of corn or fillers.

That would be a start, getting them on some good quality premium cat food. All you can really do is keep trying different kinds until you find one they like. They sure are picky eaters sometimes. I am sure someone else will be along shortly with more advice.
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How old are your kittens? If they're close to a year, I don't think it would be a big problem to just give them adult food. I give my cats alot of variety in canned food as they're also very picky. I know I'd get sick of eating the same flavor everyday so I like to switch it up for them. Pick some flavors/brands they like and rotate every few months.
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The kittens are 4 months now.

I feel awful now, is Whiskas that bad?
She did used to have royal canin but she got so bored of it.
the only pet store here, is Pets at home, I hate that place, even the whiskas is double price in there. I'll have a search online, I know theres a few sites that actually ship out the food.
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Here's a site you might want to check out:
They don't have a great variety for kittens, but you could try Almo Nature Kitten (canned), Schesir Kitten (pouch), Animonda vom Feinsten for Kittens (canned), Almo Nature Holistic Kitten (dry), Nutro Choice Complete Care Kitten (dry), and Royal Canin Kitten 34.
For adults, I'd go with Nutro, Almo Nature, Schesir, Animonda Carny, and RC.
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Thanks again!

Most of those brands are impossible to find by me, mains ones we have are, Royal canin, Purina pro plan, and James wellbeloved.

I found a store right by me who stocks James wellbeloved, Missy never really enjoyed Royal canin much, Do you think James wellbleloved is worth a shot? they do a lovely kitten range as well. They sell small bags as well which I could try and see how they go, the site for it is,

thanks again!
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Sorry I didn't realize you were in the UK. Basically any food with by-products should be avoided. So I mean, don't feel bad for not knowing, that is why were are here to hel you out and give advice. Now you know not to feed fodds like whiskas and friskies and things from the grocery store. It is just healthier for you pet overall, cuts back on obesity and vet visits as well as litterbox messes.
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It's alright.

Yeah, I didn't realise it's like the top brand here, everyone has it, and only thing supermakrts stock, no more!

I've always said to mysself, if I wouldn't eat it why should by babys eat it? It gives all false information on the side its jam packed with vitmins. load of rubbish.

I love look of the James wellbeloved range, as it says for fussy cats, which all mine seem to be! hehe. Would you say it's any good? I don't want to make the same mistake of rubbish foods.

Oh and also would it be ok to only feed that? Or is part wet diet required? I think they do a Hills Science wet, i've seen in a pet store.... i'm sure.

thanks again for your wonderful eye opening info!
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I just used the link and it looks what I would call good ... I dont like rice as a main ingrediant for a carnivore...
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I like James Wellbeloved - 26% meat content is good, I thought 26% rice was good too.
As for wet food, you can get something called HiLife - they do do a kitten food, don't know about meat content in that. Meat content in the adult range goes from 26% to 60% for the complete food, and 60% for the complimentary (which I feed my female as she has the complete biscuits). Their dry food has a 26% meat content too - I did post the ingredients on here a while ago and they didn't seem too bad. Not all supermarkets stock the full range though, but their online supplier does You might have to e-mail asking for items, but they do stock lots (as well as everythign else you could possibly want for your cats)
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I would avoid the super market too. Are there any pet stores around you that you can go to instead? they will carry some bad foods too but bad foods are basically ALL that the supermarket carries.
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Actually, there are (In my opinion), 2 decent cat biscuits you can get from the supermarket in the UK - HiLife (26% meat/salmon), and Purina One (16% chicken/turkey/salmon). However not all supermarkets stock them, and not all stock all the ranges!! HiLife wet food is also good, and again, some supermarkets stock some of the range (Tesco do the best for both in my experience, although they are slightly cheaper in Wilkinsons)
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I went through this with my kitten and older cat. Someone on here recommended Life's Abundance. I dont know if they have it in UK. you could do a search. Its mail order. I have it delivered every two months. They seem to thrive on it. Hope you find something good!
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I've had succsess

I bought a small bag of James beloved dry kitten turkey and rice, and the same for kittens but the kitten range.

they all LOVED IT. and I mean LOVED. I thought they were gonig to eat the mat and bowl to be honest!

thanks for the help!
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when my kitty didn't like the first nutro I gave her, i simply mixed it with stuff she liked in increasingly larger proportions until she was eating 100% nutro. It's better for her and once I learned about good food for I wasn't going to let her "tastes" hold her health hostage. Stand firm and so will your cat.

Would you let your baby eat junk food?
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I spoke to soon!

The kittens will still just abotu eat the James wellbeloved and Missy wont even go nearit she sniffs the bowl and walks off! why?? she ate it before I went to bed.

So I popped out an got her, Hills wet tins, and dry hills, adult and i got wet hills for kittens and dry.

I put the dry down for Missy an she riggled her nose up!

I gave her abit of wet and the dry, and she ate abit and walked off. even mixing her old food she wont touch it. i'm at my wits end.

Whats the best diet for them dry sperates and some wet seperate, or mixing wet and dry together. I really want them to eat this healthy food, but Missy just wont have it!
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Ok tried the Hills again, she wouldn't even sniff the dry, I think she just loves wet food, can cats be like this?

Well I put the Hills wet down an she enjoyed it. I hid a few biscuits underneth and she did eat some. hehe.

the kittens wouldn't eat james wellbeloved either, i think there more of a wet can kittys.

They had Hills kitten wet and some hills dry and enjoyed that, Just lvoe to see there satifised faces, and it gives me peace of mind, If I know there healthy in what there eating.

Is it ok to do this? mix wet an dry in one meal? or if they prefer wet should I just get wet?

All my like my very much loved cat Tabitha, she wouldn't eat biscuits unless mixed with wet.

maybe it's because every kitten i've had, is from a rescue center, and they all fed them wet? and no dry. not sure.

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If you were to put out one certain kind for about a day or two and just leave that out and see if your cats will eat it when they are hungry. Maybe they weren't hungry when you fed them the new foods. I mean they can't go for too long obviously without food, but I mean, just leave it out for a day or a day and overnite and they might just eat when they get hungry because that is what it available to them.
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