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Always start your day with a SMILE
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Ohhhhhhhh! Isn't he sweet?
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kittens are sooo cute!

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You just can't help but smile.
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So sweet!! Can I have just a little nibble? Please?
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OH, MY, GOODNESS!!!!! Just LOOK at that face!!!! Mmmm mmmm Toooo adorable!!
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Awww! How cute. That does make me smile.
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Love those markings on that kitty!
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Awwwww - now, there are kissy-prints on my screen!
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OH MY GOODNESS!!! That was a great way to start the day! :tounge2:
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Goodness what a sweet little face! You just can't help but smile with a little grin like that on the screen!
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Awwww. So cute! Thanks for making my day a little brighter!!
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:laughing2 soooo cute.
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I showed this to Bill. He says that looks like Opie's "Yoda" impression. I haven't seen it, so I'll take his word for it.
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If only cats could rely smile.
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Cats "smile" with their tails.
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