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To those of you wanting "just one more litter"

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I strongly encourage you before you decide to let your female or male be responsible for more kittens that you buy this book and read it-

One at a Time- A Week in an American Animal Shelter- by Diane Leigh and Marilee Geyer

It is NOT an easy read. It is a necessary one. 490 animals are put to death is shelters nationwide every hour. This book put personalities to those numbers and introduces you to the harsh reality of shelter life for these unfortunate ones, as well as celebrates when few do get adopted or saved.
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MA, I'd like to read it. Would it be possible for TCS or Meowhoo to offer it to TCS members?
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Here is their website
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OK- I have some books coming. Let me know via PM or email if you would like to borrow this book.
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The humane society has that book in their center, available to anyone that wants to read thru it. It is absolutely gut-wretching, not for the faint of heart, but essential if you want to understand the truth.
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As a shelter volunteer I don't think I could read it becaue I would imagine the wonderful cats at our shelter being put down. I think before anyone is allowed to have animals it should be a required read so they will know how important spaying & neutering are.
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It took a long time for me to read this book. I had to put it down because the stories are so compelling and will drive you to either tears of despair or joy.
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Oh I want to read that, i'll look out for it here.
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Thank you for posting this, Hissy.
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I want to read it, even though I know it will break my heart. Something like this should be required reading, perhaps for high school seniors, to help promote responsible pet ownership.
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Going to work every day breaks my heart, seeing these stupid people come in with their animals, breaks my heart, every day I leave work, happy because I made the animals i'm in charge of, a little more comfortable and happy, but depressed because I know their fate, and I know the fate of many many more that walk through the door because people don't take care of their animals and/or don't spay a neutur.

I'm glad someone came out with a book like this, finally everyone can see what I see every day. I have people fight with me about fixing a dog or a cat they want to adopt, and I'm just steady thinking to myself, what a freakin moron. And the statistic I've heard and use, usually gets them to shut up. "For every HUMAN baby born, there are 26 puppies and 45 kittens born" and if I'm not mistaken human babies are born every 11 seconds in the world???

I can't wait to get my hands on this book.
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That sounds like a great book! Some people really need to read it. I would love to, but I am such a baby ( seriously, the biggest animal lovin' baby ever)
I would lose it. That book would make me soo depressed. I can't stand to see the pain in thier eyes, it absolutly tears my heart apart. Bravo to all you brave souls who work at shelters and try to give them some hope, some quality of life.

I love reading happy endings stories though. So if anyone feels like sharing any good stories from the book, PLEASE share
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A synopsis- Duke and Lady- 2 hound dogs kept constantly on a chain in the same yard. Made to eat and drink and deficate on the same ground for years. Sores around their neck from the chain rubbing- no walks, no games, no human contact, no hunting trips.

Rescued and sent to the shelter where it was thought that behaviorally they would never be allowed to adapt. They were scared of their own shadow, but prior to being euthanized, one of the workers took them home. It was months of TLC and rehab but today they live happy though reclusive lives, will never see another chain as long as they live, which now looks like a very long time-
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Thats great!!! Duke and Lady are in good hands now

See I cry at the happy stories, the sad ones devestate me.
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Originally Posted by chichismom
Bravo to all you brave souls who work at shelters and try to give them some hope, some quality of life.:
Thank you, I can honestly say, as much as i love animals and as much as i read about them before i worked at the shelter I was absolutely ignorant. I'm so thankful to have this experience to broaden my aspects on animal life. And I am more passionate now, than ever, about animals and their well-being.

And for everyone who does everything a responsible owner should, I have two words for you, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. No matter how mad or upset we may get with our animals, they don't know any better, and it's people like you, who make their lives, and ours, a much better thing.
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