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Should I worry about new kitten?

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Hi and sorry about the longish post,

I adopted a nine month old kitten on Monday. I already had a seven month old and four year old. I am in the middle of the introductory period, so they have not had much interaction. However, the seven month old kitten keeps running in the room with the new nine month kitten. The new kitten has never been around other animals. Anyway, the new kitten always goes directly for the seven month old's neck and I believe he is biting him. The seven month old never cries out and there is no blood. My question is, is this something I should be worrying about or am I being a big baby and they are just playing? I was thinking that maybe the new kitten just doesn't know how to play and once he meets the 4 year old and gets slapped around a little, he may stop.

Oh yeah, maybe I should add that when I adopted the new kitten, they considered him special because he is over active. They would not adopt him to a house with children under 10 and suggested not giving him catnip until he calms down a little.

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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I believe that what is occuring is an attempt to play. If there is no hissing and growling prior to this, that would be my guess.

We have 2 16week ragdolls that do this exact same thing although it is not one sided and they do it all the time. Also, they play chase each other throughout the house.
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What he's doing (the neck thing) is a show of dominance, and he may feel a little insecure right now, and is putting up a good front for the other cats. Maybe when he feels more at home and less challenged (cats are always a challenge to each other!) he will relax and want to play more, but maybe he needs his own space for a while to feel secure in.
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Our new rescue kittens get the same treatment from the alpha males in our colony when they're introduced.
It may be their way of establishing pecking order.
Sometimes the bigger cats get rough but I've never had a kitten hurt because they only seem to bite the back of the neck (like they're trying to mate). It lessens after time but I still see some of my adults play like that.
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I got two new kitties at the same time, and the older one would tackle the smaller one and bite her, but not hard, just like your kitten.
I'm quite sure they were playing, wrestling, establishing social order, getting their wiggles out, acting on hormones, and just plain teasing, when they did this. Sometimes the little kitty would meow/whine when she didn't want to play but the bigger kitten would insist, so I would just push him off her.
So, I'm sure they're fine; they're just being animals.
Also, once they're full grown, they'll be about equal in size, and they won't be as playful, so it will only get better from here. The little kitten that is getting played with probably won't respond much at first, but once it gets more familiar with its environment it'll play around more.
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