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Might be a silly question..

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is it okay to change the name of a cat after you adopt it?

I don't think he knows his name anyway, he's a young stray.
The name the shelter has given him happens to be the name of a terrible ex boyfriend I have, and I'd rather not be reminded of it.
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I did with both my cats.. JoJo was called Butterscotch, and Jack was Aaron. You change it to what fits his purrsonality the best. Aaron didn't fit Jack, but they had given him a nickname of jackrabbit, becuase he hops... so I shortened it to Jack. He knows his name too... they both do.

Here's what a friend suggested: try a bunch of names. Call them out in a sing-song style while the cat isn't looking at you. If he turnes his head to look at you, that's his name. i did that with JoJo and had tried a number of oddball names... JoJo is what she turned to look at me for. So that's her name.

Shelter names aren't written in stone.

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I think you can, especially if he is young. When we have done that - sometimes we've tried to use the same ending, or same number of sylables (sp). I really think it's the tone of your voice as much as the name.
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Opie was originally named "Garfield". Since I hate cliches, I decided that he needed a new name. Since he is a mischievous redhead, "Garfield" became Opie. Its been four years and Opie doesn't seem to mind the re-christening.
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OH good.. Now I get to have the fun of coming up with my own name for him.
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I always name my kittens but tell the new owners that the name is just a nickname and they can name them whatever they like. If someone is waiting to take a kitten while he grows up, I ask them to let me know the name they have chosen, so the kitten already knows his name when he goes to his new home.
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This thread will give you some good ideas:
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Waffle was Sara when I picked her out at the Humane Society, and there is no WAY she fit that name in the slightest!

Have fun picking your name.
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We've usually had shelter animals, and nearly always changed the name, generally trying out quite a few until the pet showed a positive reaction. Jamie was only ten weeks old when we got him, and was already showing some reaction to "Tercius", as he was called in the foster home. He had no trouble learning that "Jamie" meant him, as well as "Sweetie", "Kitty Cat", and "Skunk".
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I kept Peedoodle's name because I thought it was hilarious!
But Kahu was named Snowflake and I thought that was too generic for a white cat (sorry to those who call their cats snowflake) so we named him Kahurangi which means blue in maori (he has blue eyes) and it also means precious jewel.
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We changed every animal's name that we adopted, even the dog's. Brynna was Dolly at the shelter, Sophie Grace was Tootsie, and Luna Eve was Majic. After getting them home, none of those names seemed to fit. Besides, choosing their names is something special to me.
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HeeHeeHeeeeeeee....Now, do you know many kitties who actually come over to you, when they are called?????!!!!
I believe your kitty will do well, being named another name!
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We renamed Lucy from Paloma (too much of a mouthful) and she was tiny so picked up the new name very well. Carly was named before we got her but I think the shelter called her that and she didn't recognize it because she is just now paying attention when I call her name after almost a year with us (I think her name should be DinnerTime because she always comes to that). She stayed Carly because I couldn't think of anything better.

I think they need to get used to whatever we call them and changing the name doesn't make a big difference. They just need to figure out "you mean me" (which by the way doesn't mean "I'm going to do anything about it" ). How else do you think we can get away with all of the nicknames?
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Abby's shelter name was Zelda, and there was no way I was keeping that! She had only been at the shelter for a few weeks, and did not know her shelter name anyway.
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Hmmm.. I'm thinking Elliot.
I like people names for animals. I don't know why.

we'll see. I'm sure he'll let me know when I've found one that fits.
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Gracie was tentatively called Petunia and Leo's name was Gabriel. Also, Lola's original names was Chicky Baby. That had to go.

My cats respond to "kitty" and the kissy or clicky noises most anyway.
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Originally i`d named Toby "Rowdy" (and I do think I was RIGHT ON with that name for him!!!) But Hubby kept calling him Toby, so eventually I gave up Rowdy.
When we got tedy he was 6 months old and his name was Garfield.
They both know their names...I know because if i talk to one of them I and use their name, that one takes notice that i`m talking to them, and the other one does`nt even blink or twitch an ear.
They don`t seem to have minded having their names changed. I don`t think they care what you call long as you don`t call them "late for supper". :-)
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