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My sister is looking for a shower curtin with red hearts on it anyone seen any, I thought I had but now I can't find it. I thought maybe it would be some place where they sell decor for Kids...Thanks if anyone knows she's driving me nutts
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I could only find one with big pink hearts here: http://www.dreamsoftbedware.com/showercurtains.html
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Check Walmart- or try Overstock.com
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Well now that Valentine's day is coming up, you may just be albe to find one in the stores soon.
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Try ebay!
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I was going to say Ebay too...it looks like there are a lot to choose from!
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You could try THIS at Target ... I saw one there today, only it was red and pink hearts.

edit - ok, so I got bored ...
I found some shower rings
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms

Ok Great Thanks mucho, now can you find me a real nice one with just Cats on it preferably with green in it If you see one let me know I have looked all over for that also Your Good Real Good
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well..i can always look lol
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