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I have had Pebbles a year today

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Today is a year since I got Pebbles (so they are having mince for their tea)I found out about her the day Snowy died (she was in the vets at the same time, but I couldn't think about the fact she needed a home with why I was there) - I got the call from the charity I fostered for 2 hours after getting back, and when I went to see her and realised it was the same cat, I decided fate had something to do with it!! I have sometimes doubted that decision, but I seem to have worked out most of her quirks now - her aggressiveness is normally only when she I get up/home late and tea is late, so that doesnt happen often now!! She has had a hard life though, and has had more vet trips than Ginger has had in nearly 4 years!! Fortunately all her blood tests are negative, and she is now putting weight on, so fingers crossed that I will have her for many years to come. A lot of things changed when she arrived, as she lived in my bedroom (it has only been the past month where she has started sleeping in other places), so I had to adjust to having litter trays, food and water in the bedroom. Oh well!! Here is a pic of her taken the day I got her, and one of her today

Have edited to add the right links!!
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Wow so glad she is getting on now she sounds lovely, the link to the pic isnt working for me but I'll be she's lovely.
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Oh she looks likes she's got some catitude going on!
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Yep, definitely!! I think if I had known how temperamental she was with other cats, I may not have taken her on, as I foster, but once I did, there was no going back!!
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Congratulations to you both !!!!
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Thats lovely, congrats.
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I hope you & Pebbles had a great day. I am very glad to hear that she is starting to do better now, and I do hope that she continues to do better. She is a strong little cat, after all she has been through. If you think that fate delivered her to you, I don't think 'fate' would take her away from you so soon!
She is adorable. Don't you think all the little changes you have had to make in your life to accomadate to her are worth it after all? She is blessed to have such a good, caring mommy to help her through everything.

I love those pictures, too. She has a sweet face- well, looking at the second picture, umm- she has a sweet face when she wants to anyways! She's a cutie.
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Aww! I hope things continue to get better for you two!
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