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Does't like fish flavor, is that unusual?

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I thouht all cats liked fish but mine won't touch it. As tiny kitten tried Science Diet canned kitten food which is Ocean Perch & she wouldn't eat it at all. Later tried other flavors & she refuses anything with fish flavor - won't touch any 'fishy' flavored treats. Thought maybe she would like real fish but doesn't like that either, not even a taste of tuna.
The only fish thing she has eaten is a bit of crispy skin of fresh salmon.
She will eat crab flavored treats.
Is this an unusual behavior in a cat? I say behavior since I dont think it is really an issue as far as her overall health or nutrition. Just think it is sort of odd.
Betty & Mandy
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It's not too uncommon. Not all cat's like fish. Most of them choose chicken, turkey or beef. Out of 12 cats, only about 3 of them will eat anything flavored like fish.
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Not unusual at all. I have a cat who at one time hated the smell of cat nip. He didn't just not care about it he HATED it. He'd crinkle his nose and shake his head and run away.

I think it's just a matter of preference. Just like humans.
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Thanks for your quick responses. Guess my kitty isn't quite as peculiar as I thought.
She also doesn't care much for catnip. As a youngster she would also crinkle her nose & run away. After a year of age she does sort of enjoy it for a couple of minutes at a time but isn't crazy about it. Her real treat is newly sprouted kitty grass!
Betty & Mandy
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Dani's a definite fish lover but her real passion is Kitty Grass. She absolutely craves it and will fuss when I take it away for more water. Do you know what type of plant is Kitty Grass?

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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I bought some Kitty Grass once and the packet of seeds said it was barley. I think cats will eat a variety of grasses and sprouts.
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I was wondering about that one too! Both of mine are beef and chicken lovers, though one has decided whitefish isn't so bad.
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Had about a year of UTI on a few cats and couldn't figure out why. Started doing some research and found that some cats are extrememly sensitive to fish-flavored dry food and UTI result. So I switched them over to beef and chicken and have had no problems since.
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Both my cats turn their noses up to fish flavored treats. They do enjoy tuna however, as an occassional treat.
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My Loki loves it especiallu the Nutro Tomato Seafood Bisque but my mother's girl Piper loves her chicken and is not too fond of Fish. Like humans they have their likes and dislikes. Nothing uncommon about that!
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zazu will not eat any flavors of can food, no tuna, nada! just dry cat food. talk about picky! he'd never make it on the outside.:laughing: :laughing2
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I've been told by my cats'(Daisy's & Simon's) vet that fish flavored cat food is not good for them and that I should try to keep them to meat flavors (I am not sure why) so maybe it's a good thing they don't care for the fish stuff. As to a diet of only dry food I can warn about this...I had a cat(Jeebers) for 10 years that would only eat dry food and he developed renal failure which I was told was directly connected to his very dry diet. Well after 1 year of heartbreaking treatment we had to have him put to sleep. Needless to say Daisy & Simon have had a mix (both wet & dry food, but mostly wet) since I brought them home.
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Its not uncommon that his happens.

Asim will take a few licks of tuna, but he would by no means eat it.
You have to remember fish isn't something these cats would eat in the wild anyhow. Their not automatically built in to be "ahhh yes good old fish, I remember diving into the ocean to get you".
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I suppose technically cats don't catch too many cows or full-grown chickens in the wild either

What we need is bird and mouse head flavored food

Just kiddin' y'all
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My Noah loves tuna and salmon, while Cleo loves beef. They will still eat anything, but I notice when it's the flavour they really like, they inhale it!!! My god, come up for some air, at least!!!
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Hu? what are you talking about I just saw a pack of wild ferals bring a cow down in that pasture the other day =p

.lol wild ferals.. well what else would they be?

A lot of feral cats or barn cats will kill chickens
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Sydney LOVES fish !!! As soon as he smells it that I'm preparing it , he jumps on the kitchen counter , hoping to get some !!
Usually kitchencounters are not for cats , but I reserved one corner just for him !! He appreciates that and knows very well what the limits are !!!!!
By the way : he also goes nuts for some chicken !!!!
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