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Max has a security blanket?!?

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Last night, when Pete brought Max in from his last walk, it had been raining. So, Pete went and got an old white towel to dry Max off. It ended up being left in the living room. Well, this morning when Max and I came in from our early walk, he picked up the towel and brought it over. I proceeded to "dry him off", though he wasn't actually wet.....but he seems to enjoy being covered with the towel and rubbed down. After that, he walked around with the towel draped over him for a couple of minutes. When it fell off, he went over to the sliding door (his usual morning nap spot in the sun) but soon came back, grabbed up the towel and dragged it over to his spot (which was difficult for him as he kept stepping on the dragging towel with his back legs ). Looks to me like Max has picked out a blankie! LOL I'll have to write his name on it so I'll know it's his when I do laundry.......
Does anyone else's dog have a blankie?
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Aw that sounds cute, I can just picture it. I know when I rub down doggies after a wet walk, some of them really love it, especially the labs. I had one take off with the towel and run around shaking it for awhile.
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I bought a thrift store blanket for Pearl's crate. (I'm not spending a lot of money for a dog blanket). Since I put he blanket in there, she goes to bed, before she has to.

Last weekend, I washed it and she was so happy, that she went to bed at 7 p.m.
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Baron, his majesty, has a rug he is obsessed with. He nurses on it, and the other dog cannot use it because Baron needs it to suck or lay on or both. Sometimes i have to prod the other dog off it because Baron is a wimp and Star doesn't care what rug he lays on. Then, immediately, Baron runs over and plops down on it, growling if Star ever comes close to His bed.
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Yup. Barney has a King sized comforter that he calls his own. I've only been living with him for 3 days, but the big fluffy comforter is HIS now.

We had this comforter just sorta plopped on the sofa, for when my daughter & I would snuggle or watch the tube. Well when I took Barney in on Friday, he went right for the sofa -- and buried himself in the comforter! The cats won't go near it now... it has his doggie scent on it & his body imprint on it from his naps.

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Oh yes, Peekaboo has her favorite blanky! We found this one on clearence in the baby section at WalMart. You can't see it in this pic, but in one corner it has a little embroidered cartoon puppy with the words "Puppy Love" underneath. Is that perfect or what?
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Apollo doesn't have a blanket, but he has this little squeaky horse toy that we named 'his baby' He sometiems takes it out with him and will carry it in his mouth for a walk.. sometimes he'll just grab it and jump on my bed and lay down beside it.
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awww too sweet! My german shepherd-wolf mix has her own pillow
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How cute is that!
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