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In tears right now...what can I do?

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Long story short, I am finalizing some things here in Japan before permanently moving back to the US. I had to leave Miya at home in the US because she was crying and hysterical about getting on the plane (even on tranquilizers). My parents and sister are taking care of her, but she is really crying and from what I hear, she is a bit depressed and won't go near anyone accept my sister.

I will be home in exactly a month. What can I do and what can my family do to make her as comfortable as possible until I return?

My worst fears are that she will run away or pass away from depression. From their reports, she is eating and drinking fine and she hasn't lost any weight.

Also, will she remember and forgive me when I return? (Silly question, I know.)
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You can ask your family to go to your home and find some old clothes hopefully unwashed and lay them on the floor for her, or the last shoes you wore (sneakers) that might still hold your scent
Invest in several comfort zone room diffusers and plug those in as well
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If she is stressed and depressed then I would not let her out, so she does not run away looking for you or her old home. ANd make sure they know all the things she likes - food, bedding, treats, petting etc. She will probably be OK - it is natural that she will be upset at first. But the first priority is to take care of her physical safety.
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I went travelling for three months and when i returned Maverick still remembered me and greeted me like I had just walked out of the room.

She was very loving and very relieved to see me! She took me of a tour of the house pointing out all the new places she had been sleeping (I sound crazy don't I? - She miaowed like she wanted me to follow her and kept turning back to see that I was coming before showing me her new bed, the spot on my brother bed that she had claimed and the towel cupboard!)

She'll remember you when she gets back, I'm sure of it.
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Thanks everyone! I am feeling a little better (but only a little). I keep checking up on her everyday to make sure she is comfortable.

I'm not entirely sure, but I *think* she knows that if she runs away, she won't be able to find mommy because I *think* she understands that in order to get home she will need to get on a plane for a really long time. I think this is why she was screaming and crying so much on the way to the airport.

My parents say she is doing fine. She is going into their bedroom to see what's going on and she has stopped ramming herself against doors. My mother--surprisingly--even talks to her. She lectured my cat saying, "You brought this on yourself. You shouldn't have been so whiny. Your mother will be home soon." And she even tries to play with her.

Miya will not let anyone pick her up. She's actually like that when I'm at home--she will not let anyone pick her up unless I am there watching.

I have a feeling I am going to owe her BIG TIME when I get home!
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Do you have a cat now? While you are away?
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No, I don't think I could have another cat at this point because of how attached I am to Miya. And it's only a month before I go back home for good.
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Ok I was just going to warn you that if you did, to be sure you bury your clothes deep in your suitcase when you go home and wash them before your kitty smells them and goes ballistic.
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Oh, no. I know not to mess with other cats. I think I've raised a very selfish, spoiled cat. I was entertaining the idea of volunteering at the ASPCA when I got back to the States and then thought better of it. Miya would have a fit.
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