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The girls

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Well, I haven't been able to get in for a while but I thought I would drop in an update. A few months back I had to take Suma to the vet, when she got back, the best of buds for 3 years could not stand each other. Matty would not eat, drink water or go use the litter box. So, being the sap I am I put her in a back room, with all her stuff and decided at night to sleep back there to keep her company becasue I am such a sap. I tried all the suggestions everyone so nicely posted, unfortuantely, none worked. Don't ask me, but last week, some almost 4 months later, Matty came out of the back bedroom and she has been all oer the house. This morning I woke up and found both cats asleep around me in the morning. What a great day. Wanted to say thanks for everyone helps and support and I promise to start posting more, and now I have a digital I can post some pics.
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Good to see you posting in the Lounge. Thanks for the update and I'm so glad your kitties are getting along again.
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This is great news! Looking forward to seeing your girls' pictures!
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