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High Liver enzymes?

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i'm new here-i just posted on the "introduce yourself" thread.
My name is Julie and my kitty is "Cole". he's an indoor kitty.

Cole is almost 16 yrs old. He's a tiger cat who is very social and has
always been on the heavy side (about 16 lbs). About 2-1/2 yrs back he
was diagnosed with Diabetes. I was able to regulate his blood sugar
by overhauling his diet. He was on Science Diet Light dry for many years.
I switched him to Wellness canned + Purina DM dry. He still drinks quite
a bit of water, but has been fine.

We took him to the vet in late Fall and he'd lost quite a bit of weight.
He was about 12 lbs! The vet did bloodwork and his liver enzymes were high.
Cole is still eating at a healthy rate. The Dr. recommended Denosyl (90mg).
I've been giving this to Cole since then. We had the bloodwork rerun a week ago and he's still high (low 200s--the vet gave me the number verbally).
The Vet has recommended changing his food. I am going to his office tomorrow.

Cole has also been gnawing at the fur on his front two legs. I don't know if
this is connected to his health problems or not. The vet thinks it is stress.
(makes me chuckle! my kitty has a pretty stress-less life!!)

I'm trying to get up to speed on this topic..if anyone can offer any insight or
suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. I love my kitty so much. He's pretty much my "baby"...

thanks..and take care,
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At my clinic an ultrasound would be the next step, +/- biopsies. That might give your vet more information to make a diagnosis.
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Just a thought ... the gnawing could be in response to possible neuropathy. My diabetic kitty had major muscle damage in both her front and rear legs and would frequently pick or chew at them. I understand from human diabetics with this condition that it can feel like total numbness, pins and needles or even a burning sensation.
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It could be arthritis too...
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hi there!

I went to the vet yesterday and he recommended a change in diet.

He recommends Purina NF. I bought both dry & wet. I don't want to completely change Cole's diet. Cole likes Wellness & I think it's a great food.

I gave Cole both the dry & wet yesterday. The wet looks very dry & Cole didn't touch it. He did eat up the dry with no problem.

I am worried tho...Cole is acting strange today. He usually is very vocal in the a.m. and gets us up. He has been very quiet. I gave him his pill, but he was almost lethargic. His eyes have a little yellow discharge. I don't think he's eaten anything since we got up.

I like my vet, but I'm planning on getting a second opinion.

any input is appreciated! feel free to PM or email me!
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NF is a kidney food and the wet is decent... I personally would try it ... RX ingrediant s arent always what you and I like but they can be wonderful for kitty... Maybe try the NF cans first as they are easier to change in the diet.....

Yes get a second opinion... good luck..
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re liver

I agree with Dick Gregory that eating liver is like eating the filter
out of a car

http://www.pcrm.org 300 vegan MD's who recommend great reductions
in animal products
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Hi, my 11 year old is going through elevated liver enzymes diagnosis and has been diagnosed with pancreatitus and could also have cholangio hepatitus (PLI test). My research says that its a tricky disease with no solid root cause and could linger for a month. She was hospitalized this past week and responded to the IV antibiotics and anti nausea (wasn't eating). I may have to take her back in because she's still not at normal appetite although she was while in the hospital. Its been stressful for all. While this is surviveable if treated aggressively early, it might too late for my cat. Good luck
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