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Wow, I'm a MORON!

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So, Leo's skin tag?


It's a nipple.

Who feels like an idiot?!

Anyway, it's psychogenic alopecia and the hair is already growing back. I was sent home with a Feliway refill. As far as hormone therapy, since the area is already recovering and he's not overgrooming anymore, she didn't want to do anything unless it stops growing. If it's not normal in 4-6 weeks, we'll go back for behavioral drugs. But all his tests were good

They also did a complete exam and found a minor yeast infection in his ears. I got some ear drops, he has to wear an E-Collar, no big deal.
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Glad he's ok .

Now you can post pics of his most fashionable e-collar in the e-collar thread! Can't wait to see pictures of Leo there!!!
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Well, better to feel silly than to put off seeking medical attention for something that turned out to be serious. You're a good cat mom.

If it makes you feel any better, I once shaved a poor kitten halfway up her side when I was prepping her to be spayed. Why, you ask? Well, because this big dork mistook a nipple for her belly button!

In my (feeble) defense, she did have malformed nipples that were flat instead of protruding (she almost certainly could never have nursed a litter), but still - I should have been able to figure out the difference. The rest of the staff teased me for weeks about how I couldn't tell a boob from a belly button!
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