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Kitten Glop

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Can anyone tell me more about this? When do you use it with kittens? Do you feed it to pregnant queens? What are the benefits?

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This is the site I go to for kitten glop. http://www.thunderkatz.org/glop.html It can be used for all the reasons you mentioned. If your pregnant queen is needing more nutrients, or after she delivers. Kittens can use it if they are losing weight or sick. It is supposed to give kittens and mothers all the nutrients and calories they need, and it is easily digestible.
It wouldn't be something I would use on a regular basis, as the kittens may not want to go back or begin dry food.
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I use it for pregnant moms and bottle babies, as well as kittens coming off of mom's milk to solid food. I also feed it to convalescing cats coming off of illness.
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