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For over a week, now, Opie has been sleeping in the LaZboy. I don't know why he doesn't sleep in our bed, any more. A first, I thought it was because our bedroom was too warm but, we keep the ceiling fan on all the time, now. Oh, well, go figure out a cat! The bedroom door is, always, open. He's free to sleep with us, anytime he wants to. I know that, given the choice between a comfy bed, with someone to snuggle with and a chair - I'll take the bed and the snuggles!
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That is upsetting! One of my cats used to play "You're the enemy," and run when I called her to bed. Occasionally, Precious will just stand outside the bedroom door until I get tired of waiting, and I finally close the door. The next night she usually comes right in. It's no fun to sleep without a kitty! Aren't we silly? But, it's one of the best things about having a cat!
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You just never know what they are going to do I think it's one of the best things about cats. They seem to do something different all the time.
I think they call that "mood swings" LOL
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Like you said - who knows why cats do the things they do. My little shadow, Trent, sometimes goes on an anti-mommy kick. He won't snuggle me, won't give me kisses, and only begrudgingly sleeps with me while loving daddy to death (and the more he loves daddy in front of me the better). This will go on for a couple days before he decides "I want my mommy!" Then he overloads me with snuggles. No rhyme or reason to it.
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Cats are very unpredictable. I think they need to "shake" things up a bit every now and then. Like picking a new sleep spot, or choosing to ignore his favorite toy to play with something "new". My cats usually will sleep in the bed with us, but sometimes Noah will prefer the bean bag chair beside the bed. He has to be near us, but not necessarily right smack beside us.
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Cats are funny aren't they? I guess that's the plus to owning a cat, you never know what they're going to do. Mitzi usually sleeps on the bed with us and Fallon in the middle of the night will jump up and pick a fight with her, sending the fur flying and us shooing them off the bed at one in the morning.
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I have, always, had cats in the bed. Opie is the first one that has decamped, after being a bedfellow. That's OK - I still have Bill to snuggle with and, unlike Opie, HE rubs my back!
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Come on now, Cindy! That's just sour grapes. We all know you want your furry, purry bed buddy back. Husbands are very handy, but they can't purr, and we don't like their whiskers as much! Please, Opie, come back! (If you get a chilly night, he'll be begging for his old spot on the bed!)
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Our two cats usually sleep on the bed, which is great, except for the fact that in the morning my fiance & I are usually hanging off the edges and the cats are taking up as much space as possible in the middle. :laughing:

Why is it that in our sleep, we would prefer to be uncomfortable than shove the cats out of the way???
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My kitties are funny like that too. They almost always sleep on my pillow-practically on top of my head lol. Sometimes, though they prefer to sleep on the window ledge or in their tree. But, the next night they will run back into bed and take over their normal spot. Its so cute! The only annoying thing is when they decide that they want to play in the middle of the night, then they get booted off. Ha ha.
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They seem to go in cycles. They will sleep in one spot for a while then find another, and then go back to what they are used to. Opie will come back to your bedroom when he is ready to. We have 9 cats that sleep on our bed, and we are grateful when some decide to sleep elsewhere for a night or two. Because that means we can move around a little bit while we sleep!
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I don't anticipate any cold nights, for at least six months. Jeanie: Bill DOES purr and I like his moustache better than Opie's. If Opie wans to be silly and sleep in a chair - more power to him. I'll just have to vacuum it more often. Actually, I'm going to put a towel on it. At least, Bill doesn't shed!
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