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Prozac for kitty????

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My 2 year old neutered male, is in love (i believe). My husband and him are inseperable. I have never mistreated him, I play with him and pet him when he comes around looking for attention........but with my hubby the cat acts as though he has a crush.
Buddy, sits at the door and waits for him to come home. I can walk in the house and buddy could care less. When hubby gets home, buddy talks and talks to him. He follows him around the house chatting at him, to the basement any where and everywhere. When my husband starts putting his coat on, the cat is trying to get out the door with him.
They sleep together, watch tv together..its almost amusing. I understand that my husband is the enabler and allows this to happen and probably encourages the affection. I have asked him to be stricter, but he has the biggest heart of anyone I know, and can't bring himself to do it.
If my husband is sleeping and the door is shut, he will run from a distance and headbutt the door till it gets opened.
My problem is (other then it is annoying), my husband is not around much in the summer, he spends alot of time at the lake. This means, buddy and I will be together alot. Buddy sometimes cries if myHubby is gone out for the day and im home, or he just hides in the closet.
Im anticipating buddy is going to have seperation anxiety.
Any tips on starting the transition now!
We have had buddy since November, and the girl who I got him from says he was fonder of her husband, but not to these lengths!!
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Well, I am not sure about how RX drugs would help in this matter. You might want to try and gain his trust in the next few months. When your husband leaves, go and talk to him and offer him some baby food or maybe some canned food. Offer it to him on a spoon. He may just decide being home with you is really not so bad. You can also try giving him some Rescue Remedy, which you can find at a health food store. This might take the edge off and calm his nerves a bit. Try spending time with the 2 of them, pet and talk to the cat when your husband is around. When you start woeking with him, please keep us updated!!
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Your husband must be a really nice person (cats are excellent judges of character).

I would also suggest you try to befriend Buddy. Sandie had some good ideas there about how to do it.

Let us know how you're getting along.
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I do try working with him. I give him a special treat each morning, and I do pet him and try to give him affection. I agree that I have to try to befriend him, but it doesn't seem to matter. When my hubby and I lie down together the cat always tries to manipulate him way in.
My husband and I have seperate rooms as he has sleep apnea and it is next to impossible for us to sleep together. We never have and Im sure that buddy sees this as a great oppertunity.
I take rescue remedy myself, how many drops can I give a cat safely.
Thanks for the advice,
I will try giving him his morning treat on a spoon adn see how this works out.
My hubby is an exceptional person!!!!
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The dosage is half of what the human dose is. At least this is what I have been told and given to my fosters. As for the adjustment, I know it can be hard and you may loose a little sleep at first this summer. One thing you can do when he is gone...Make sure hubby wears a few old shirts and puts them aside. When he is gone, put his shirt where Buddy sleeps. Or if you dont mind, you can put it on your bed if buddy is brave enough to come in with you. This way Buddy has your hubby's scent to give him comfort. If he is gone for that long, Buddy may decide you are going to have to due for the time being. It was like that with a few cats of mine. My hubby was gone 6 months out of every year. So when he came home, the cats didnt want anything to do with him. Now that he has been home a long time, they have come around. If I can think of more stuff, I will be sure and post it.
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Well, the food on the spoon trick didn't work very well this morning, I ended up wearing it!
I will try and try again. Please let me know if there are more suggestions.
Buddy is actually in the same room as I right now...maybe he had some of the rescue remedy!
I will keep you posted
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Dear Woozles,
I read this whole thread out loud to my Mom...not that this isn't serious...but, you have to understand...this is hysterical. You are so special to be worried about Buddy's well being! I mean, after all he's trying to break your mariage up! ...All kidding aside; I definitetly agree with both Anne & Sandie, I'd try some catnip toys...maybe get different types of toys too and play with him as much as time allowed. Also, I give my cats tuna fish every now and then....ALBACORE...yes, the good stuff...but, it shows them that they're very loved and special. I do believe this helps with our bond. We are all very close although I do have an alpha cat. He's something else...another Buddy in the making...I need to watch him! Please keep us updated, as I will pray that you and Buddy get closer in these days ahead...
God Bless You & Yours
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Buddy the amazing cat has slowed down on his little games.
He actually greeted me at the door tonight. Im sure he has a method to his madness.
He still refuses to eat off a spoon and we have a little chat every morning about his behaviour. This morning he was sitting on the chair in my bedroom trying to wake me up and talking to me. (I suspect he just wanted me outta the house so he can have Karl to himself! ( I just imagine if we had kids)

Thanks for all the tips everyone, I have attempted to give catnip to buddy in the past and he turns his nose up at it! (I make catnip tea almost nightly for myself)

He doesn't play very often? I have bought the little guy toys and toys. He is only ever interested in my yarn when i crochet. When I try to turn it into a game, its game over and he loses interest.

The true test will be tommorrow. Cleaning lady day, last time she came he clung to her leg while she was vacumming the house. It really freaked her out. I came home to a message from her about my cats bizarre behaviour.

Buddy looks like salem from "Sabrina the teenage witch) with some extra love handles. Imagine this....LOL!
I'll keep you posted!
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Dear Woozles,
Please don't forget to keep us updated, I really can't stand the suspense! I wonder what his plans are for you...lol. Buddy sounds hilarious. He has the whole house in an uproar; including the maid. This is great stuff. Have you thought about writing a book on this guy? I think it'd be a great read. I'd buy it!
God Bless,
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Hi woozle, I'm pretty new here myself. My cats are the exact opposite. My male cat loves to follow me around and the little female (she's the older of the two)I was told when I adopted that she was a "man's cat". So far she hasn't taken to my son, but she is finally getting to the point where she will jump up on me for petting & comfort. Right now they are both on the bed behind me sleeping - one on either side. Later they will probable join me in mine. I never had animals sleep with me until now & it takes some getting used to.
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My 2 favorite guys have done a bit of an about face!
Buddy the amazing cat has been nice to me these past couple days. We tried the lying down and petting thing and he ACTUALLY purred when I pet him. *baby steps*
My hubby and him seem to be developing a bit of a language together. Hubby says something that mimics buddy and buddy responds in kitty talk and rubs up to him?.......Hmmm is it a mating call. LOL!
As soon as my Hubby is up the furry chatter box starts talking to him, it goes on, on and off all day!
The cleaning lady came out of her trip unscathed!!! (lucky for buddy, I really like this lady and she is awesome)
We still aren't eating out of a spoon but we are still trying.
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Dear Woozles,
Hey there.....sounds like Buddy's definitely coming around! You're going to to do just fine making those "baby steps" it just takes patience...just like anything else. I'm glad to hear that you've kept your cleaning lady...it's hard to find someone you like; I'm sure Buddy will win her over eventually. Oh, the spoon thing, forget it! That cat expects a silver platter! When you think about it, why not, he's really got you both trained so well. It's like me and my cats..or anyone of us saps on this site! Cats are all so unique and treasures from Heaven
I also have a couple of cats right now that are pretty vocal...Opie (being the main character!) I'd say he's probably the most vocal cat I've ever heard. Sometimes, we have these long running chats; my neighbors see me and just shake their heads, smile, walk on by (with that parade wave)..I've been living here for 15 years now, but they're used to me; they love the cats...oh and the first to tell me why my babies aren't hungry...
Yep...they leave out food and treats and spoil every single one of 'em!
Take Care & God Bless You & Yours

PS...Keep taking those baby step
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Thanks for the support Catarina.
I'll keep posting as Buddy keeps me on my toes!
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Last night, we had our little routine, husband shut my bedroom door, Buddy smashed his little head into the door and screamed at the top of his lungs, my husband opens the door in shock and Buddy marchs right up to my bed, jumps in...purrs (IMAGINE) and then goes to sleep. He wouldn't even look at my husband. (is it true that cats sense pregnate people...its a possibility and he has really taken to me the last couple days?)
Cleaning Lady update. Buddy now goes to the basement those days, I have also made a "beware of cat" sign. LOL!!!
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How awsome for you! Yes, cats sense just about everything. When I was pregnant my cat would take naps with me every day. I guess you will be keeping warm in bed from now on LOL
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Hey There,
I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations...and I'm so happy that Buddy and you are getting along so well. Guess no more prozac...lol...
Well, I think the sign was a definite great call! LOL
It was nice to hear from you...I haven't been on in a while, just sporadically. I did post one of my boys up on the cat pages...on page 686..his name's Opie...please do the same with Buddy....I'd love to see this guy!

God Blessing's
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