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Cat-friendly window blinds??

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I'm not sure if this thread belongs in this forum (moderators feel free to move to where you think it should go).

I was wondering if anyone has advice on what type window blinds don't get destroyed by cats. I live in an apartment complex and have the standard blinds. I just can't keep them up all the time, so when I don't, my cats tear them apart (just by trying to get to the window).

Any advice would be well appreciated!
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Vertical blinds. That's the only thing I can suggest. I have the same problem with my cats - the blinds inevitably have a cat-sized hole where they have bent the blind sides and snapped off on one side. Or, just forget the blinds and put up curtains that they can go in and out of without damaging anything.

I'll move this to Care & Grooming, as I think that's a better fit for your question.
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Same situation here. The blinds where my girls can reach to watch out the window either have the first few rows of the entire left side bent all the way back or just altogether broken off, or a gaping hole in the middle from being pried open! I now keep these blinds partially raised with the curtains down so they can see out without destroying what's left of the blinds.
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The only blinds that work for us are verticals.
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i've had my roman shades [fabric] for over a year, & they look fine. sometimes when i come home they're crooked, from kitties playing w/the cord, but that's it.
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My enormous Siamese pulls down my Roman blinds on a regular basis. Sigh- Good thing she's so darn cute.
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Looks like I need to get a vertical blind for my bedroom window. Gracie who MUST have access to ALL windows at ALL times, started crawling through a few months ago and created a nice hole for herself. Once Peter and Claire discovered the hole, it got bigger. Gracie did the same thing at the picture window in my old apartment. I'd come home from work at find the blinds closed except for one hole where a cute little black & white face peered out at me!
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Verticals for sure! Also, instead of getting the ropes/chains for opening and closing the verticals, ask for the pull sticks - much nicer, less fuss for human and nothing for kitties to get "hung up" on.
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