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Is anybody else having a "blah" day?

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I am...for no particular reason...just a lot going on that's stressful...looking for a first house, bills, etc.
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Thats when cats come in useful - have a good cuddle to cheer you up!
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Same here. Weather isn't helping either. I generally work 10-7 Mon-Fri and 8-5 Friday, so I'm already tired from coming in early on Fridays. This week I we had to work a few 11 hour days, one of them being yesterday, and then I didn't sleep that well, so I'm really dragging today.
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I've been feeling blah for the past month or so...
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Me too I think its the Winter Blahs! I just did get outside though today. Mild temps for Maine winters Its 45 today and sunny. So I went out and finished up getting my Xmas outside lights down.
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I think it is the winter blahs. I have this annoying cold that is giving me a really annoying sinus headache. Jeff is on nights too...so he's sleeping which means I have to tip toe around all day. I'm just in a grouchy mood all round
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Oh, yeah! I got up at 6 am to see a client that did not bother to show up, again. He has a standing appointment for 7:30 every Friday morning, but this is his second missed one. I slept badly, then had to get up early. I felt wrung out all day.
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I have been feeling blah for about a year now! I started a thread about me feeling this way and a lot of you helped me out. The seasonal affective disorder really seemed to fit. I started taking vitamins with ginseng and almost immediately felt better! I work in the back at our clinic and rarely see any sunlight. With my next check, I'm gonna start tanning maybe once or twice a week, so get some sun rays. I was told that makes you feel better, and with this nasty weather (today we had yucky "chills you to the bone" rain and wind) I bet the warmth will feel good!
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I'm usually pretty upbeat, but yeah, today has been a crappy day. I have been working my butt off all week to try to get some stuff done. That didn't happen, so I'll have to do a lot of it tomorrow. I'm feeling rather fat and ugly as well all of a sudden. (I am fat, truly, but I don't think I'm ugly; just feeling that way.) I really should be working some more right now, but I don't think I can. I just want to go snuggle up with my honey. I'm having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
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Originally Posted by yasmine
I've been feeling blah for the past month or so...

It probably is the weather...I'm just kinda lost in the winter doldroms. Usually I love winter, it's so pretty outside, but I'm just so stressed too and anyways it really isn't pretty. Just 50-degree weather (in New England- in January!!!) and slush and rain and blech......
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