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I agree with most people on this....people are making a huge deal out of it! I think its great for the two of them b/c they both do seem to really want more children (as said before Angelina does seem like a very devoted mom). But it should be more personal for them! I know whenever I get pregnant, I won't want to worry about pictures being taken all the time, and to hear people wonder about if the baby will be "good-looking".
And I loved the comment made about how they are normal lookign people with lots of makeup! This is what I always tell myself if I start feeling down on myself....that if I had a makeup artist, hairdresser, clothes designer, personal trainer, cook, etc etc. I could look that way too!!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
The other thing I just don't get is why people think all of this is just so incredible. That it's just unbelievable that Brad and Jen broke up. Why it is unbelievable - because the public wanted them to stay together because they were cute? And now this is SUCH a big deal. Brad and Angelina have essentially been together for a year or longer. This happens all the time. At least they were together longer - and actually DID things together (like travelling with Angelina's UN duties and going together to adopt Zahara) that require them to get to know each other as people and not just as stars (i.e. movie premiers). They were together longer than a few weeks like psycho Tom and Katie. This type of situation happens all the time with regular people, and no one gets more than a few little whispers.

And I've been seeing news stories that - shock of all shocks! - Jennifer wasn't contacted about the baby! Seriously - who cares? Does every man who gets a divorce call his ex to fill her in? I don't think so.
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Every child is beautiful in my eyes
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