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its "embarrass ourselves" time...lets hear your cats nicknames! - Page 2

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Tiger -- Tigs, Tigger, sweetie pie

Miagi -- mr. attitude.. , baby kitters, Miags, kitty in the city

and I call Tiger tweedle dee and Miagi tweedle dum
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Tiger- Tiger balls, (dont ask) Tiggers, Trigger
Lily- Silly Lily, goofball, babygirl, kung fu kitty and "Special" kitty (she's not the brightest cryaon in the box)
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baby girl
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Butterbean...which "devolved" as Crazy Girl - Crazy Nut - Nutter Butter - Butterbean. Her real name is Brigid.


Mikey-Butt (don't ask)

Harvey-diddle-dumpkin-doofus, Doofy-doofy-boy, Dork-boy, Diddle-diddle-dumpkin-doofus (always sung to a made-up melody).

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also "booby".........
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Didn't we already have a thread like this? Well, i call Sir Tabbicus "tubby tabby", and "fat kitty" etc, and Caliki is "my little torby", and "wittle kitty-catty"
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Oh...and I forgot...my Hubby calls the boys names like "Purr-snickity", "Snicker-doodle" and "Snickle-Fritz".....but it could be any name for either cat...he just sort of makes up up as he goes along.
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Morgan--Baby Boy, Brat, & sometimes Sh*t head when he runs through the house shreading the toliet paper roll....lol!!

Cecelia (99-05)--Ceec, C.C., & Celia....I may have more for her but I can't think of them right now.
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Usva is Maailman keisarinna (Empress of the World), Harmaa Eminenssi (The Grey Eminence), Nukkapallo (Fuzzball) among other things.

Milla is Prinsessakissa (Princess cat), Pirpanilla (a combination of the word for rugrat and Milla), Pumpernikkeli (pumpernickel, also refers to round tummy) etc.

Tilli and Timotei share lots of nick names: Äijä (The "Man" or Geezer), smokkipelle (Tuxedo clown), Herrasmies (Gentleman), Jäniksenkäpälä (Harepaws) etc. Tilli's personal pet name is Tillikka (Little Tilli) and Timotei's Timpukka (like previous, but also refers to clams)

They are all called Vauvakissa (Babycat), Maanvaiva (Pest ) Natiainen (a pet name for a child) and other similar discustingly sweet names.
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Aileys is my little hunny bunny,baby girl
Salem is is royal pantherness,skinny minny, stretch
Isis is snooty patooty, goddess of snobs
Nahima is baby, baby doll,cutie wooty,sugar butt
Buddy is bud, budster,budwiser
Missy is miss priss, prissy pooch,prissy b%#%h
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Ramona - "Monie"
Tucker - "Tookie" or "Pukie"
Sonny - "Sun Sun"
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Originally Posted by jeanor
That is so cute. Wowzer came to us pregnant, after she had her kittens, we gave them little nicknames to identify them. Well, two looked very much alike, except one had a fatter face so he was named "fat face" hahaha! Finally after he got a bit bigger, we realized it was because he was a long hair, the other one was short. We decided we couldn't keep calling him fat face (no matter how sweet we said it) so we then started calling him fluffy butt!
We've got a Fluffy Butt!

Ace - Grumpy Butt, Ol' Grump
Pepsi - Fluffy Butt, Fluffy Pants
Ozzy - Little Turd (Well, he IS.) As in, "Knock it off, you little turd!" Said in the most affectionate way, of course.
Tubby - Little Idjit (He's so sweet, I love him to death, but he's kind of a dim bulb.)
Smidge - Little Miss, Little Miss Fluffy Butt
Whitey - Sweet Baboo (trying to transition to have this be the name he responds to, actually), Fat Butt Kitten
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[quote=evnshawn]We've got a Fluffy Butt!
Ozzy - Little Turd (Well, he IS.) As in, "Knock it off, you little turd!" Said in the most affectionate way, of course.
Tubby - Little Idjit (He's so sweet, I love him to death, but he's kind of a dim bulb.)[quote]"

gotta say Ive seen some funny ones on this thread, but those 2 are right up there!
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Chloe's are: Chloe-Blowie, Chlo-chlo, Bubbie, Baby
Iris' are: Missy Moo, Goofy, Sweet Girl, Butticus Maximus (when she's being a troublemaker!)
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Oh I forgot Isaac gets called Fluffer Nutter
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EVIECAT AKA Miss Cat, Top Cat, Gorgeous

MOLLY AKA Mollymoo, Miss Moo, Little Girl

HUGGY BEAR AKA Mr Bear, Bear, Fluffnut, Fluffy boy, Fluff

TARALEN AKA Miss Len, Tara, Little girl, Ballerina
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OMG: are you really ready for the nicknames for all 39 of our cats?

Midnight and Sunshine actually don't have any. They have diplomatic immunity as the first two cats of the household. They are "OC" Original Cats.

Cole is Colio, Cole-man and Mr Plush
Lilith is Lil, Diamond Lil, Lilly
Jules is The Clueless Wonder, Mr Happy Tail, and My Orange Guy
Blondie is Mr Blonde, James Blonde, Brad Kitt
Poly is Mr Polypaws, Doofus
Pan is Pandemoium, Pangaea, Pan Pan Pan and Little Pan
Silver is Silvergirl, Silverado and Miss Complainer
Max is Meeeax, Meowcoles (like Spanish Miercoles), Maxwell Edison
Romeo is Romeow
Sasha is The Empurrer, Mr Fluffball
Tillie is The Tillinator
Phoenix is Phoebix
Question is The Baby, Mr Squeaker
Loki is Tone Loc
Raven is Little Miss Fluffball
Khepera is Kepi, Kep, and The Flabyssinian
Nefertiti is Titi, The Titi-Bird, Little Bird
Osiris is O'Siris the Irish Aby, Aby-Someone, Aby-Normal
Merlin is Merlinda, Purrlin, Miss Complainer, The Merlin of Kitten
Nimue is Nim-Away, Nimuuuuue
Grimalkin is Baby G, The Baby of G, the little Plush Girl and Suzanne Plushette
Angel is The Railroad Kitty
Beruthiel is Queen Beruthiel and Her Majesty
Buffy is Buffalo, the Buff Girl, Buff
Pickett is The Little S**t (he is so naughty!), Mr Pickett
Dodger is Dodger Man
Eowyn actually doesn't have one either...
Trinity is Trin
Precious is Miss Mouth and Miss Tortitude
Star is Lucky Star, Little Star, and Little Star Girl
Panther is Pan Pan
Gilligan is Silligan
Flash is Flash Man, Pickett Jr
Fleur is Fleur Delacour, Little Fleur, Little Girl
Ulysses is Mr U, Mr Guy, The Man
Fizzgig is Fizzy, Fiz, Little Got Milk Girl, Fizzy na Gig, The Gig, Little Mizz Fizz
Arthur is Artorius, Arthur Man, The Man, the Spazzmanian Devil
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..got him on January 14th and named him Frappy. After "Frappacuino"..I love Starbucks so much that I named my cat after a drink....
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Jinx - Jinxie, Slim
Sage - Miss Thing, Baby Girl, Pudge
Oskar - Oskosh, Karkar
Charcoal - Char, Briquette, Lump o' coal
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[quote=Mom of 10 Cats]OMG: are you really ready for the nicknames for all 39 of our cats?

39 cats????????....36 cats to have nicknames for?????? >>>>>>YOUUUUU!!!!!.......We all give up (BTW, "James Blonde"...lol.....thats one's hilarious)
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Ok, I said in my previous post that I don't have a nickname for Wowzer

Well, last night I caught myself calling her Wowzerie LOL
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Cody is the Codygirl or Cotes
Jovi is Lil Boo, aka the Boo Cat

...and now I hear the little prankster playing with a beer can on top of the kitchen counter! Lil' Boo get off there!!!!!! that tabby is into EVERYTHING!
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Heidy: Dee or Dee Dee, Heibee, Princess, Babi Girl, Dee-Dums , Heidy Deidy, bubba girl.

Sable: Sabey Babey, Sabe, Sabelina, Sabelicious , naughty girl, baby girl, duchess, crazy b*tch (in a very affectionate way).

Monty: Mon-Mon, Montgomery Jefferson , Pretty Boy, Montago, Montague, Monny, Marmalade puss.

Ozkar: Oz-Foz, Ozzy, Ozzykins, tough boy. - Lol, I don't have many nicknames for him, the only one he likes is tough boy - because he likes to think he is! lol.
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Oh gosh, I have so many names I call him. Let's see, the latest are my little potato, baby potato (I know I'm weird), sweet potato, big bear, loverboy, gorgeous, lover, handsome guy, tabbyboy and just too many to think of at the moment!
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Bobby's are ~ Bobster, bobbadee, bobs.
Bumble's are ~ Rumbles, rumble bum, bumble bee.
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Cassiopeia is: Cassie, Baby, Baaaay-beeeee, Baby Girl, Baby Kitty, Poopy Cat, Poopy Girl, Plump Poopy Cat, Plump Little Bubba, Girlie, Mama Cass, Cass, Missy Fou-Fou (don't ask!)

Napoleon Dynamite is: Napoleon D, Napoleon (sometimes with the French accent, sometimes without), Dingleberry, Sh*tfoot (this is a nickname my BF calls him, b/c of his habit of stepping in his poops!), Fuzzy Kitty, Chubby Kitty, Chubby Little Napoleon, Napoleon Dynamite Kitty!

After all this...does anyone realize my obsession w/ poop and my cat's nicknames? LOL
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Hmmmm... I have lots of nick names for my cat Creep.
Snob whipper, Creepy, sexy, you little bugger, my little baby snob whipper, my snobby wobby whipper, fatty fatty boom boom, woddler, hissing sid, black and sneeky... there are more but I can't think of them all.
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My kitties nick names are always evolving but here are a few that have lasted....


Big Boy

Sadie ...

Sister Sadie
Sweet Pie

Both... My Bundles of Joy. aka....Bundles
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Merlin - my wife's cat

She calls him...


I call him....


Freya - my cat (long haired and twice the size of Merlin although being his sister)

I call her....


My wife calls her...


Collectively - they are just known as "Poopy" and "Stinky"
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