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its "embarrass ourselves" time...lets hear your cats nicknames!

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We all do it, admit it!!! Naming our cats some cute name wasnt enough. We now have nicknames, or "pet" names (pun intended) for our walking furballs. Lets hear them!

Hobbs: Hobster, Hobster-Lobster, Hobbees, Boy Cat, little man cat, boy-boy, sweety boy

Blueberry: Blue-bee, Fattie (sorry,, we say it affectionately so it doesnt hurt her feelings), Big Girl, Blue-berrrrrrrrrrrr-y, Blue, Noisy girl, sweet girl, sweety.

lets hear yours!
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Tinkerbell's nickname is Tinky.

Tyson's nickname is Tyce or Baby Boy.
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Mookie is Mister boo

Maggie is Boodle

Smokey is Smokey bones

Sparky is Bill Murray

Have yet to think of one for Lucky
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Oliver - Honeykitty
Tripod - Snookums
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Trent is Boo, Boo-Bear, Bear, Baby-Bear, and Honey-Bear.
Ophelia is Precious (but don't call her Princess - she gets mad!), Baby Girl, and Baby Doll.
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Lets see....I call Harley .... Pumpkin Butt (I'm not sure why?! ) Button, Trouble, Harley Farley - Please don't ask
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Katie - Baby, Chicky, Chicken Cat, THE CAT, Ma chat, Belle
Gracie - Bug, Bee-Boo, Stinky, Scooby, Pudgy Love Cat, Puff Kitty
Peter - Crazy Pete, Cat-boy, Buddy, Stud-cat, Pea Pod, Petey Pie
Claire - Clairey, Claire-Bear, Clee-Clee, Angel Girl, Sweetness
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Boogs - Boods, Booder

Gracie - Gracer, Dracie, Dracer

Wowzer - I don't have any for her, but my kids caller Mowzer and Bowzer

Originally Posted by sbw999
Fattie (sorry,, we say it affectionately so it doesnt hurt her feelings), :
That is so cute. Wowzer came to us pregnant, after she had her kittens, we gave them little nicknames to identify them. Well, two looked very much alike, except one had a fatter face so he was named "fat face" hahaha! Finally after he got a bit bigger, we realized it was because he was a long hair, the other one was short. We decided we couldn't keep calling him fat face (no matter how sweet we said it) so we then started calling him fluffy butt!
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Puss - puss 'a' wuss, mong, mong-mong, my mong, mongster, boo boo, baby, baby boy, special puss, puss puss what mummy love's, sweetheart precious.

Gelfling - fatcat, thunder, the immoveable lump, madame, little madame, flinger, fling fling, little one, baby girl

Snoopy - snoop, snook, snook snook, snookabook, snooky, sooky snooky, covers, super lovin snooky.
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Ginger is "Baby Girl" sometimes.............................and, sometimes she's "Get off that counter-top!"

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hehe... this'll be fun...

Snickers: Nicky, Nickies, Knickerbockers. (his butt is so furry, he looks like he's wearing knickers). He comes running when I say "NICKIES" so that's what he goes by!

Dusty: Dust Mop, Floppy Moppy (my daughter made this one up), or just "Mop".

Jessie: Messy Jessie. She earned this nickname cuz when she throws up her treats, she aims for the middle of the rug that's never been stained before.

K.C.: Nut Case, "Nutty".

Zorro: "Buddy". Not sure why but we never call him Zorro, we've called him Buddy since taking him in 8 yrs ago.

Hamtaro: Hammie, Hammie-toes, Ham Sandwich, Ham Head, Ham Bone... but the nickname most often used is "MONSTER". "My Beloved Monster" --- a cool song by The Eels...
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Levi - Big boy, Lever 2000, Devi Guy, Devers, Leaves
Jordan - Bug, Bug-a-room, nuggle bug
Isaac - Eyes, Eyes-a-roo, Little man
Maggie - Mag Pie, Princess, Princess Mag Pie, Mini M&M (her full name is Magdaline Marie), Pincess of the Princesses, (& the longest nick name in history) Princess of all the princesses in the whole princess kingdom!
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Sapphire~ Sapphy, Pretty Pretty Princess, Squirrel

Simon~ Simonetta, Simone, My Little Handsome Man

and I'll throw in my pup's nicknames too
Vino~ Veenie-Weenie, Genius, Puppa-Wuppa, Baby Boy, Buckwheat
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Thisbe = Thizz

Cushie = Cushie Cuddlebunny

Marnie = Little Bit, Babykitty, Mommy's 'Ittle Snookiekins


All three of them are my snugglebunnies, my boodlebunnies, etc.
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OMG!! these are classic!!!! At least I dont feel so goofy anymore with my nicknames! Keep em coming
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I usually call Dori my little Punkin-head. I have also been known to call her Dori-ori or on occasion Dori-oreo

Brody (the dog) is Ham Hawk
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Tiger's is Little Boy, Baby, and Tiggie. lol
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Okay here goes.....

Nicknames for Garfield: Mommas little man
Garfield -Parfield
Stinky poo-poo man (i know what ya'll are thinking)

Lilos nicknames: Mommas girly whirly
Fat cat
Lemon head

Petals nicknames: Sexy momma
Petal Wetal
Mommas little wunt (instead of runt)

And yes, these are all usually said in a baby toned voice.
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-Precious-pie (Sounds weird, I know. She thinks so too. )

And, my Mom always calls Sweetie 'the skinny one' & Precious 'the fat one', which I don't particularly favor, and they are also called 'baseball head' (well she favors dogs, obviously, but she does love the cats too) .
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We call Otis -pumpkin -otis bobotis -stinky
We call Baby Girl -chubby butt -trouble
And we call Mama -Mommy baby

I guess we don't have many nick-names for them since their names are nicknames :-D
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Lucy: Lulu, Lucy Lu, "Mary, Mary, quite contrary"

Carly: Carcar, "Little miss talks-alot" (and I mean alot)

Much: Munchkins, Thumper (she sometimes gets a tick in her leg and just thumps the wall near her)
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Joshua: Clown-face, baby boy, goofball, big boy

Kinah: girly-girl (I think if she understood that one she would scratch my eyes out!), stinky (she's kind of gasy ), little pest, pretty girl
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Zakk is Zakkie, zak attack, my handsome kitty
Rocky is the rock, you jabroni, my favorite kitty, snotty (accurate)
Cookie is cookie-puss, puss w/out boots, snuggly kitty baby
Suzie is suzie jacuzzi
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We call Reilly Silly and Munch alot
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Simba- Simby, Bimby, Bamby, Boo (all as 1 word)
Shane-Sha na na da boonda
SunLee-Little Princey Hincess
Angel-Little Girl, Girl.
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*laugh* this is funny!

Toulouse- Too-loo, To-bo, Toulouski, Too-loo-savich, (from the s/o) the furry son

Kanoe- Kanoe-bo, Boo-boo, Nu-Boo, Nu-booski, Obi-wan-Kanoe-bi, Nu-boo-boo

Captain- Cappy, Cappy-tan, Mr. Golden Eyes, Star Kitty
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O'Malley= The Big O, Pretty Pink Puff Paw (after he decided to get into my make
Toulouse = Uncle Toulouse, Toulousey boy, Big Boy
Kiara= Pretty Kitty, Ki Ki
Nala= Nolly Nolly, Nalala
Lucy= Lucy Lou, Lucy Lou Who, LuLu
Ariel= Daddy's girl
Berlioz= Berz, Berzy Boy, Studmuffin

I can't forget the dogs....
Jack= Jack Jack, Jacky boy, Sheepie 1
Annabelle= Annie, Fuzzy butt, Sheepie 2

Fun topic..LOL
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Originally Posted by FamilytimeRags
Nala= Nolly Nolly, Nalala

Fun topic..LOL
I have a dog named Nala, and we also call her "Nolly Nolly"! must be a natural
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For Toby-Mr. Tobbels, Tobs, Mom`s Baby,My good Boy,Antoby-o
For Tedy-Ted, SheddyTedy,Mom`s Baby, My Good Boy,Lil Yeller Cat
Together I call them -The boys, The Dynamic Duo, Double Trouble.
...and if I have catnip I call them "Here kitty, kitty, kitty"!
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Tonka - Tinka, Stinka, Stinkerbelle, Tinky Man, Tonk Tonk Bo Bonk, Bonka (when he is giving me head butts), Honka (when he is calling for his queen cuz he sounds just like he is honking), Boylie-Boy, BlueBerryBoy, Berry Berry Stinky Man.

Lexus - Lexus P. Brown, Lex, Lexus Lexus Bo Bexus, Bo Bex, Boo Bear, Boo Pot, Miss Pot Ticky, Tinky Pot, Lexus Pearl, Pearly Girl and upon occasion, Gravy-Sucking Pig-A-Let. *grin*
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