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Kitten eating litter

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My 6 month old kitten Guinness eats the litter everytime I put a bit more in to fill what has been removed. I use Worlds Best, which is a clumping corn litter. The nice corn smell attracts him I guess. After the fresh corn smell is gone he doesn't do it anymore. So I'm not bothered about him injesting the corn but what about the bacteria in the litter that was not replaced? He has had chronic diarrhea for a long time and everytime I get his stool checked there is a huge excess of bacteria. He is on anti-bacterial medicine right now (again). Could him eating the litter be causing this???? If so, what litter do you suggest I switch to that he won't eat. I really like worlds best because its is clumping and flushable. Thanks for any help!!!!
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I don't usually add new litter on top of old. Once it gets kind of low, I just dump it out and start over. Or maybe if you stir up the litter, so some of the stinky gets on top, he won't do it?!?

At least you are using a safe litter, so he isn't hurt by eating a few bits.

Festie loves a clean litterbox. When I first went to the huge rubbermaid container for a litterbox, she rolled around in the clean litter like a kitten! Cats are just so funny sometimes!
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I think Beckiboo's advice is good. Change out the litter completely when it gets low and scrub the box. That way you will keep bacterial growth to a minimum.
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Sadly I've decided to switch to a clay litter. Worlds best smells kind of sweet when it is new and fresh and that is why he is eating it. So I'm switching to Arm and Hammer. I hope this solves his diarrhea!!!
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