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we have aplace here called Heidenhammer coffee company it is a family business they guy mixes and invents his own flavors its BETTER than starbucks and about half as expensive
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I'm a big fan of the cheapo coffee machine in the student lounge.

French Vanilla cappuccinos.
I doubt there is any real milk or anything in it, but it still tastes good and keeps me warm!
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I don't drink coffee at all, but on occasion I have the odd cup of tea at home.
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The first time i tried Star bucks was in Austria, if i do go there its usually a Caramel Frappucino.

But starbucks isnt my favourite.
I love gotchis i think thats how you spell it, its lovelyyyy
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Dunkin Donuts all the way for me! There's nothing like Dunkin Donuts coffee, I also love there marshmellow latte's too. When I go to Starbucks I usually prefer there vanilla lattes over coffee.
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Another Timmy's fan here! I used to have a coffee from there every morning, but I've stopped to save $$. I do have one once in a while though. I also love their french vanilla cappuccino and their iced cappuccino in the summer time.
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I very seldom drink coffee from the espresso shops. I buy Seattle Mountain whole bean from Costco and brew my own at home. And they give us free Millstone at work, so I don't have to spend much outside the home on coffee. Of course I normally only drink three cups a day, so I don't cost the boss much either.
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If I get a coffee out, I get it at Wawa. I usually only drink coffee at work and we just make it there. But occasionally I want a cappuccino. They have an excellent English toffee cappuccino.
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I second the recommendation for the Wawa English Toffee Cappucino, they are awesome! I miss Wawa!

Starbucks bottled Frappuchino's, wherever they're on sale at the moment!

I don't like the store-made fraps as much. And I don't like Starbucks' brewed coffees, they're too strong.
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Litttle drive-up called Buzz'd good coffee and great fellowship to go along with it.
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We have a place called Liquid Planet here. They have wonderful loose-leaf tea and divine chai!!!!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
I don't think Dunkin Donuts shops are as concentrated outside of New England as they are in New England. I can tell you where every Dunkin is within a 30 mile radius, and that includes the ones inside WalMart and Stop and Shop.
That's how I get him to go shopping with me!!!!
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