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New litter of kittens

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Purrty girl did a WONDERFUL job last night and had 4 beautiful healthy babies. She had 2 long legged kittens and 2 short legged kittens. The long legged ones are black and white, and red and white. The short legged kittens are Torbie with white and the other is going to be a pointed kitty. I just love having lil' one around!! Now I just have to wait for Annie to decide it's time
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Another pic
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Oh my goodness! Sandie, they are adorable!!! I LOVE Torbies Congratulations to you and Purrty Girl :rainbow:
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Sandie they are so adorable! I was wondering, with having a mix litter in terms of leg/arm length, can you tell if they can tell that some of their litter mates are different?
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Congrats on a successful litter!
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Awwwww - such cute babies!
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So precious!! Baby kittens are so beautiful. I have a real soft spot for black & white babies.

Congrats to you and Purrty Girl on your 4 new bundles of joy! :kitty5:
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Thanks guys!! I am now stressing and waiting for Annie. It's her first litter, so I am REALLY stressed. I bet she waits until tonight and keeps me up till 230am like Purrty Girl...lol
With the legs, no they don't have a clue that they are different. They move and grow just like the long legged kittens.
I am telling you!! It's hard to let people take them home! I want to keep ALL of them
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I was thinking that being a breeder has to be one of the best jobs in the whole world! I'm sure there are stressful and difficult times, too, but the benefits! You get to see little kittens grow up and be with them during one of the most fun times of their lives. I'm sure it's hard to let them go even when you know it's to a good home. I think I would end up with like 100 cats because I would just love them all too much to give them up!
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Heidi - me tooo !!!!!!!!
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Sandie, congratulations! Of course the next litter will be born in the middle of the night. Was there ever a question? Please excuse me if my ignorance is showing, but before a breed is recognized, doesn't it have to breed true for approximately five generations? I really do not know a lot about Munchkins, so I would like to know. Thanks.
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In order for the breed to be recognized, it must meet certain requirements depending on the association. The Munchkins are recognized in only 3 associations, AACE, TICA and UFO. In order to show them you either have to have a 3 generation or a 5 generation depending on the association. There really is no problem with this since we are able to breed Munchkin to Munchkin or a Munchkin to a non standard (long legged) Munchkin. This next litter with Antarctica will only produce 3rd generation kittens, but that's fine because I got the outcross I want and will build the generations.
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Oh how cute!!!!!!!

Let us know how Annie does!!!!!
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too cute!!! they're little angels
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I am so jealous! I wish you could send a few to me.

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Congrats Sandie!! Beautiful babies indeed!!

I have a certain amount of respect for breeders because I know I couldn't do it. I'd get too attached and want to keep them all.:tounge2:

Quick question since I don't know a thing about the breed. How come some of them have long legs?
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Yes, Susan I have read that article. Everytime I read something like that, I have to wonder how someone can write something if they have never seen the cat in person. I have even seen breeders advertise that they can't jump on counters. It's a line of crap! These cats are as normal and able as a domestic cat. Trust me, they go from the ground to the kitchen counter just like the rest of my cats. They really don't have life any different than a cat with long legs. They have the same amount of muscle in thier legs as a regular cat. The only difference is that when they run, thier strides are not as long. However, they are really quick and they corner better
BH, Munchkins have both long and short legged kittens because in reality, they are a domestic cats with a natural occuring gene that casues the short legs. There will never be a way to "weed" out the domestic background. The domestic background is part of the breed. When they first showed up they were called a barn cat with short legs. With the Manx cat, they have litters with both tails and no tails. However, the gene that causes the tail mutation is lethal You have to have one short legged Munchkin when breeding to produce the short legs.
I do find it hard to breed and don't think this is going to be a lifelong thing. I fell in love with the breed and then found out there was a problem finding breeders who took care of thier cats and did the breed any justice. It's VERY hard to let them go to new homes. I cry everytime one leaves here. I try my very best to ensure they go to loving homes who are going to take care of them for life, but it's still hard!!
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Sandie, Congrads, they are just simply beautiful. Hope everything goes well with Annie.
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How adorable! I love baby kittens, esp. when they are all different like that. They look wonderful!
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Awwwweee!!! Congratulations Sandie!!! Lots of baby furballs!!!
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Awww! How cute. Congratulations!
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They are beautiful!!! CONGRATS!
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More pics!!!

More pics!!!

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She's such a good mom
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Great picture! She looks so proud.
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Beautiful pic of mom and babies! I want them all!!

Purrty Girl was appropriately named - she is very pretty!
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you can't post enough pics of the new family! I want to see more!
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LOL, okay, that's good cuz we just got another cute one
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Gosh, they must be growing fast! They look bigger already!
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Beautiful kitties!!!

In response to the article -- isn;t it amazing how poeple love to jump on a bandwagon -- any bandwagon -- whether they know the facts or not? Also, it just goes to show that any idiot can claim to be a breeder, but it takes special commitment to be a GOOD one. What a silly thought that shorter legs would prevent a good life. I have short legs at 5'4", should I be forbidden to breed? So silly!
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