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right handed here
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Ambi here .. though very left brained..lol.. way off in left feild...
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A southpaw. I ruined half my wardrobe when I broke my left elbow a few years back. Eventually I learned not to eat anything that stained!
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I'm left handed but can do many things with my right
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I'm left-handed, and I think I fit the common assumptions pretty well.
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Left-handed but I use my right hand for making use of my PC mouse When I try it with my LH, I get confusing messages

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Righty here
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Even though I am right-handed I always wanted to be left-handed, it just looks cool to me, for some reason

There is a massive discrepancy between my right and left. I am considerably stronger, more coordinated, more flexible and more controlled with my right hand, foot etc... I should learn how to use the left more, because it only makes the unevenness of the whole thing worse.
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I'm mainly right-handed, but for tasks like painting [walls etc.], typing (when my right hand is busy or I'm phoning ...), playing... and similar things I can use both hands which i think is cool and less of a strain for my right hand cause I sometimes feel it's rather hard on my right hand. Funnily enough my dad is a lefty but as a kid in school etc. he was forced to use his right hand and to this day he writes with his right hand, but for most other things he tends to use his left hand. He, too, can paint with both hands and my mum envies us cause she can't last as long as we can
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Left handed here. My right hand is useful for carrying things. However I am right eye dominant, so that means I am hopeless at any sport that involves aiming. I also don't have binocular vision, so I am hopeless at sports that involve balls or other things flying towards me. I can walk pretty well, though, unless there are stairs.

I have a degree in geography. There were way more lefties in geography than in the average population. I think about half the students in my year were lefties. And now I work in the arts. And again, way more people I work with are lefties. I usually assume that artists are left handed.

One night, after an art opening at a gallery where I was working we all went out to dinner - the staff, the artists, a few friends. Of the 10 people at dinner, 8 were lefties. And the two that weren't, they were spouses of the artsy folks. One was an engineer.
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Righty here
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