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Roscoe (aka Pooch)

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I'm so excited that theres a forum for our other babies now!!
Pooch was my first baby, and I love him like a child!! He's a 1 1/2 year old lab/german shepard mix and one of the smartest dogs I've ever seen! He hasn't been to obedience school, I've taught him most everything. If I show him something once, he does it, its that simple!

He knows a boat load of tricks including the basics (sit stay etc.), to bow, to "say his prayers", to dance, stand up, sit pretty (which is really cute b/c of his size!), jump on back legs, to touch things on command, he brings my shoes, keys, purse, the remote and his leash depending on which I ask for, rolls over, plays dead, plays peek-a-boo, hide and seek and others I can't even remember now!

He LOVES Madden!! They sleep together and play together and despite his size, Pooch has never hurt him! Pooch even would let Madden try to suckle him when Madden was a baby!

I'm so proud of him!

I hope you like these pics (he's a real ham)!
Sorry for going on and on!

And my personal favorite:

I've posted new pictures of Madden too!! Here's the link:
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Oh I can't see the pics!

But he sounds like a dream....and a mix of two of my three favourite breeds!!! What a clever boy, too - honestly, go on and on all you want, we all do, and there's so much to go on about isn't there, really!!
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hmmm....I can see them....can anyone else?
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I can see them!!, they are wonderful!!, what a sweetheart!
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Oh he's adorable! What a wee smartie pants too! Love the sunglasses shot!
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Cute and smart all rolled up into one! That's great. Those are very nice pictures. The next to the last sleeping one is precious.
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Awwww What a sweet face he has!
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Yes - I can see the pictures fine, too.

What a helpful & loyal doggy he is! And such a cutie at that!! AND he gets along with Madden?! What a perfect little mommy's angel

Hey there little Poochy Woochy you are sooo adorable!!!!! Don't tell him I said that though, he will be so embarassed

Great pictures
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What a good lookin' boy. Just from looking at his pics, I can tell he has a very warm heart
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Thanks so much for all the compliments!

We definately think he's the cream of the crop!!
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