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Online Friends

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The true friends who we meet online
are a very special kind

They pierce your shields and see within
the corners of your mind.

They're always there when you're in need
with their power to discern.

They feel your pain.........they offer hope
and genuine concern.

We bare our souls, expose our hearts
and show our inner fears,

and then before you know it
the keyboard's stained with tears.

And if we could see them through that screen
then no one could deny

that to be a TRUE online friend
they too must surely cry.


dedicated to all TCS's
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Carla, that's a wonderful poem and ever so true!
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I like it. But i also find it a bit frightening. I know to truly help someone you must understand them....
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Carla, that is really sweet. I'll be praying for Cathi to wake up this weekend
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That is such a touching poem
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That's so sweet!
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So lovely!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
That is such a touching poem
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I like that!
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Thank you so much for share it with us Dear Carla! .......

Have a nicely Begin of Weekend!
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That's so touching and sweet. Thanks for sharing it.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
That is such a touching poem

My online friends are my best friends. I met a few people from a dog sim I play ( ) and I trust them more than I do people I have met. Maybe from being betryaed many times, I don't know. But I love them.. and thats all that matters.

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beautiful poem
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Awww, I love it. It really does describe the warm loving community of close friends here.
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It's a lovely poem Carla - very touching. Thinking of you all.
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I've developed some truly amazing friendships online, as well as meeting my husband through ICQ seven years ago.
Without chat, I wouldn't have ever had the chance to meet any of them.
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That is lovely, nothing frightening at all about online cyber friendships. They are just as real as any friend that walks through your front door, because you allow them in a sense, into your home on a daily/nightly basis.

Stay strong Carla and we are here for you-
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That was such a heartfelt little poem.
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