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Strange behavior and kitten not thriving

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We have two wonder female cats who we love very much and do plan to get spayed as soon as the kittens are weaned.

Cyn cat #1 had two still borns a few months ago, then cat #2 Lucy got pregnant and gave birth to four kittens on Oct 29...all the kitties are now in good homes. Just as we were about to get her spayed, Cyn #1 gave birth to two more kittens (it was hard to tell she was pregnant)

These two kittens lived and one of them is thriving and is eating great. Kitten #2 is very tiny though, and Cyn seems to not pay as much attention to him as she does to kitten #1. She does clean him and feed him, but he's only about 2/3 the size of his sister. (They're four weeks old)

Meanwhile Lucy cat #2 keeps *stealing* kitten #2....and keeps trying to hide him. Both adult cats will groom the babies,and play with them, but I'm worried about kitten #2. Confused yet? lol

Also Cyn #1 and mommy will seperate both babies, and will literally wrap #baby in blankets so we have to unroll him to find him!

Any suggestions?
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You should intervene and make the smaller kitten your responsibility to bottle feed or he may not thrive. The games the adult cats are playing with him are only prone to stress him out. He needs peace and quiet, warmth and food. There is a website designed to help those who bottle feed www.kitten-rescue.com with a recipe for Kitten Glop which I would suggest you start feeding him. Mom can keep him warm, but you should supplement him with this formula so he can have a chance to thrive.
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Hi bbwvixen, welcome to TCS.

I'm guessing that because Lucy keeps stealing the smaller kitten, Cyn is confused as to whether this kitten is hers. The kitten is most likely smaller because when Lucy steals him, she cannot feed him. If you have to, tape the corners of the towel or blanket down so mumcat cannot roll him up in it and possibly smother him. As well as offering formula or kitten glop as hissy suggested, offer the kittens some wet kitten food, as they're just about ready for it.
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I had to bottle feed to supplement one of my current litter of foster kittens. I just purchased some kitten formula and a tiny animal bottle, and he is doing well now. You are likely to lose the smaller kitten if you do not supplement his food.

I would also recommend getting Lucy spayed now, then in 4 weeks take Cyn in to be spayed. Otherwise they will keep having litters...they can even get pregnant within days of giving birth. My foster kitty Sugartoes had 3 litters in 6 months!

Best of luck with the tiny baby.
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