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Back to School.

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Yes, thats right. before christmas I went to Fanshaw College to do soem diagnostic tests to see where I left off exactly in high school, before I dropped out, and they said they would see about getting me in a class in January. Well I started on Monday. Done 4 of the diagnostic tests so far.
Science I scored 75%.. which is above the passing amrk so they said I don't have to take it (surprising since I hated science)
Math I scored 60%.. extremely surprising since I failed math
Writing skills was 52.8% I hate grammar.
and Literature was 72%? I think.. I can't remember.
So.. anyway. I have been there since Monday so thats.. 3 days, and I am almost finished the writing skills book

Maybe I will get my GED faster than 4 months!
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Way to go! Sounds like you are well on your way of reaching your goal.
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Congratulations on going back to school!

Thats so wonderful to hear, good luck in everything!!
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Good stuff!!, congrats on continuing with your education!!
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