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once again you and I agree! I read your post and I couldn't have said it better!

This is an interesting topic. I'm so happy to see us discuss this with respect and maturity!
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Ken and Sandie:

Was there even a need to ask? If you're here, we're there!
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got a spare bedroom>

I'll room with squirt and joey
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I have a spare bedroom anytime!
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Well, I find that the discussion about all the different religions very interesting and intriguing!

Melissa, be proud that you have found the right religion for you!!!!!!!! Don't let others try to make you feel bad w/ their comments!!!!!!! YOU have to be happy!!!
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Melissa, I remember when you were still unsure about this, I'm so glad for you that you found a place you feel comfortable.

I'm Catholic, but so much of Catholic practice is based on Pagan rituals. Even the dates of certain holidays were chosen to coincide with Pagan holidays. If you add that I am Irish Catholic (which has a rather different perspective than Roman Catholic) then I am awfully close to Pagan myself. I just can't give up Jesus, but that's a personal conviction, not one I expect everyone else to share. As I study my Celtic heritage, I find that the old religion and the Christian religiion have a lot in common in their world view and the way they affect daily life.

I've never been to a Pagan festival, but I love Ren. faires and I assume it's similar. Though of course not all Pagans are into the Middle Ages. There's a really famous women's music festival in Michigan that I can't think of the name of right now, that I hope to get to someday; and I'm dying to go to Burning Man, though I'm sure that's a few years off.

Anyway, Melissa, I hope you have a great time! It sounds like a lot of fun to me.
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Thanks again everyone for the well wishes. You guys are great

I'm not all that affected by peoples prejudiced comments on paganism- they say what they do because they don't understand it. Its very easy to go with the norm and follow the leader, but IMO it takes courage to throw off what you've been taught all your life in favor of something that makes more sense. I've had lots of people admonish me for being involved in something 'satanic' so thats nothing new. If they bothered to pick up a book and do some research they'd find that definition of paganism could not be farther from the truth. I DO believe in Divinity, just not the 'black and white' one portrayed in the Bible. I think there are too many mysteries and grey areas in the universe to fit the explanation for it all in one book.

Anyways I just want to say that you guys are so awesome and open minded ,and that its so incredible to be able to bring a subject like this up without being barbequed :laughing: Kudos to you all
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I couldn't agree more, Melissa. Too many people immediately associate the word 'pagan' with 'satan'. I think that is why the discussion puts off some people.

Although Christian myself, I find the discussion interesting. I learn a lot.
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