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Pagan Festival

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Anyone out there ever been to a Pagan Festival?

I'm going to my first one this summer. Apparently wiccan covens as well as other Pagan sects gather and have a weekend festival with various workshops and such in my area. On Saturday, in the middle of the festival there is a time for singing of ancient songs and rituals. I'm fairly new (as in the last year or so)to Paganism but this truly intrigues me.

Anyways I am curious if anyone here has ever been to one of these and can give me a better idea of what to expect. Thanks
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Never been to one before...let us know what happens when you go though.
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I've never been, but I think the idea of one is intriguing. I was raised in a christian household that only went to church on Easter, so religion hasn't been a huge part of my life. I believe in consequences, and in karma, and that everything we do comes back to us. I have an open mind to all kinds of theology and I think it would be interesting to go to a pagan festival, if for no other reason than to just see another side of the coin. I like the connection to nature that the wiccans and pagans have.

You'll have to let us know how it is!
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Speaking of a connection to nature- remember on Survivor Africa when Kim, Lex and Ethan had to go through the African ritual on the last show? I was watching it with tears streaming down my face. I am super affected by that sort of thing. I think I've chosen the right path, finally- what a great feeling
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It really depends on the theme of the festival as to what is happening there. Look for a huge bonfire, lots of majic, booths selling everything from powder to powerful herbs, crafty items, book booths. Usually the festival is going for some worthy cause, if the Druids are hosting it, then the cause is usually to save the trees or something along those lines. Have a great time, and I am glad this new path is offering you peace. You certainly deserve it!
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MA- its usually a Wiccan Coven from the area who hosts it- and its waaaaay back in the forest so its very tranquil, almost medieval from what I hear, with the drums and stuff. I'm very excited about going
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Just want to say.... I this place!!! I'm pagan too and I usually try to keep it under my hat. Most people just don't have a very open mind when it comes to "alternative" religions. I didn't want to get flamed for being something different. I should have known better with you guys! Y'all are just awesome! (Melissa - isn't is such a wonderful feeling to finally be at peace with your beliefs of the world? It took me a long time to find the right way for me and when I did it was like the clouds parted and the sun shone through!)

I haven't been to a festival per se but have heard that they are wonderful. We have a big expo type thing once a year here at one of the big convention centers, but that is mainly just sellers and a few cheesy booths to make some cash off of the general public (fortune telling and the like). I would love to go to one, too, so you will have to let us all know what it's like and all that!!
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Wow- another pagan whos also a NIN fan...does it get any better???

I usually don't say too much about my beliefs either but sometimes its just worth throwing out there because you can meet others who can relate. This site is so awesome because we all come from different backgrounds and belief systems. Variety is the spice of life :rainbow:

I'll be sure to tell you all how the Festival was, but it won't be for a while- I think its held in July. I'm hoping I'll really enjoy it- I'm going with a few friends so it should be fun
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The drums are awesome. There are always lots and lots of them. I never understood the significance though, something about keeping the bad spirits at bay while the good spirits rejoiced. It was ages ago that I attended a Pagan Festival, so I am sure it has changed with the times.
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No putdown or smart-ass here. I do hope you enjoy the festival..I think you'll be surprised at how much the "religions" interweave at their base. Enjoy.
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I would love to go to a festival!! Although I don't practice the "religion", I find the whole thing fascinating. I have done some reading and talking to a few people who practice. It involves too much time and patience for me There is an AWSOME Wiccan shop in MA along route 6.
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I want to go... I want to go....

Can I?
Can I??


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Sure Ken, you and Sandie can meet me in Halifax in July

We don't have any Wiccan shops here in my little puny town, but theres a great one in Halifax called 'Little Mysteries'. I got the coolest cage necklace and stones to go inside. They even sell 'authentic' medieval clothing there- those neat empire waistline velvet dresses. I love that shoppe.

Do any of you pagans, or those interested in it, read Tarot? I'm in the process of choosing my first deck. I think I'm going with a Celtic style one....
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I have a deck of Tarot cards, but again, I am too impatient to mess with them..LOL. I even have a spell book along with a palm reading book. The deck I have is the witch deck. I also like the cat cards
I am going to CA in July Maybe this summer we can meet for the heck of it. You are not all that far from here.
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Not that far at all actually I'd LOVE to meet you guys. Unfortunately, my vacation money will be going towards a trip to PEI this summer We should get together with Colby at some point, that would be fun

What spread do you use Sandie when you do mess with the cards? I think I'm going to stick with the Celtic Cross- its my favorite There are so many beautiful decks out there. I saw a Dragon Deck that was grogeous on Ebay a while ago.

I've learned a little about palm reading- theres so much to it. I didn't realize the human hand had so many lines and details :laughing2

Have you ever used Divining Rods? Those are SO cool- I'm looking for some but haven't found any yet...ah the joys of a small hick town that happens to be the buckle of the Bible Belt
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When you get a deck, please don't order it...

Find a store (even if it's a distance away)
and look at them, pick them up and feel them... one will "speak to you", that's the deck you want...

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Thats precisely why I didn't end up ordering one on ebay. When I bought the various stones for my cage necklace I kept picking up different ones until one 'spoke to me' and thats the one I'd get. Its a very individual thing isn't it?

Its the same thing when you have your cards least for me. I shuffle them until I get 'that feeling' that I should stop. I think we trust our own instincts and power too little.
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I was just going to say the same thing as Ken about the Tarot deck! Also, you want to infuse the cards with *your* energy for when you do the readings. If someone is selling them on Ebay they may have a lot of negative energy in them and that's why they are getting rid of them!

I don't read Tarot. Like Sandie I just didn't have the patience to learn it all. I do read Egyptian Cartouche cards. There's only 25 cards in the deck and it just felt right when I picked it up. I'm really into the Egyptian mythology and history. I did a reading for my sister one time, who does not believe in any of this, and really scared the hell out of her with what the cards told her. I thought it was pretty funny. My husband reads tarot, but hasn't done it in a long time. He always told me he was really good, but would never do a reading on me. Silly man!
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Egyptian Cartouche cards? That sounds cool- don't think I've ever seen them I'm going to look into them though- ancient Egypt is very interesting..
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i've never been to a pagan festival. i've been to a few group rituals. i am mostly a solitary though.

i have the tarot of the cat people. i agree with previous posters, don't order your deck. it *will* speak to you when you pick the right deck. mine certainly did. i've been told a lot of people don't like the deck i have. i have an egyptian tarot deck, but i never use it. i don't like it, and it doesn't "speak" to me at all.

i also work with crystals. rose quartz is my fave.
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I've only seen them in a store once and that was when I bought them. You guys would love shopping here in Denver. It is like new age/pagan shopping heaven - and I haven't even tried Boulder (one guy I know was asked where Boulder is, and he told them "Go to the edge of reality and take a left.") There are some incredible shops here. Any herb, oil, book, jewelry or anything else you could ever think of wanting or needing is here.

Of course, it doesn't do any good when you don't have the money to spend... but it sure is fun to look!
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Well, everyone is entitled to their beliefs
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I believe in Divinity- a Higher Power, but not necessarily the Christian God. As far as the Bible goes, I think its a very inspirational book that holds many truths as do holy books of other religions, but to me its a book written by men like any other, really.
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It may be a good idea for you to research paganism if you're interested in what the belief system is. We could go on like this all night
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Sandie and Ken,
The next time you're down here for a cat show or whatever, there's a little town on the east coast of Florida about 2 hours from me called Cassadaga. They call it "Witch Town", at least the locals do. It's just a quaint little place with a lot of psychics: numerologists, tarot readers, astrologers, you name it. A friend and I went about 2 years ago and each had a reading. It was quite fascinating. We had a blast.
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Wow, what an interesting thread! I've really enjoyed reading (most of) the posts! Wonderfully intrigueing!

I'm a Christian, but I've always been curious about the other religions. I think it's wonderful for those of you that have found your spiritual home! I would love to learn more, but I'm not sure where one would start. Of course, I don't think I'll be changing my religion any time soon (ever), but keeping an open mind and being non-judgemental is a cornerstone of my religion. (Regardless of what anyone buried in heresay and negativity would tell you...)
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I believe it is called Religious Tolerance and should be practiced by more people. Whatever way gets you to the highest power, and brings you peace should be embraced. It is not about religion, but about relationship with God, Nature, whatever you wish to call it.
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Deb that sounds like a lot of fun! We may be going again in Sept but aren't sure yet. You going with us
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Deb that would be awesome... Hopefully we'll be there in Sept and if you can, we could asll go together. Lets see... Mels place in July, and yours in Sept.... this could be fun!! Hey AP ya come with us??

Actually, I've been rather fortunate when it comes to religion, my parents were not church goers much themselves and always suggested that we explore alot of religions before we chose, if we did at all.
So I got to experience the alot of religions. During early teen years I was a southern babtist, In high School I was a practicing Wiccan, I became a catholic to marry my high school sweetheart (but never did marry her), and now I don't really practice any religion, although I lean towards Wiccan.

I couldn't have said it better myself!

I'm thinkin that making snap judgements about something you don't have enough knowledge about you're inviting trouble. If you want to know more, then all you need to do is ask, while Im no expert on religions Id be happy to explain what I know, as Im sure, others will be glad to do. However the point has been made that if you are that young, then you shouldn't be on this board at all, without your parent(s) written permission.

Blessed be
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count me in! I'm there!
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