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Parents!! (kindof a long rant)

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Well the life of a baby boomer. No children to worry about just mom and dad.
Mom called this afternoon-she had dad take her to the emergency room as she had been monitoring her blood pressue at home at the monitor said 190/99!!!
They did EKG, lots of blood tests and as usual everything was fine. The doc agreed with her current doc to increase her blood pressure meds to 2/day until she sees her regular doc on tuesday for an already scheduled appt.
My mom will be 77 in June she was 5'8" but weighs about 120-125 pounds. Dad is 6 ft and weights about 170#. Mom is SO concerned about health. Dad only takes BP meds and has done so for 30 yrs. Mom is on Fosamax and recently BP meds plus she has a scrip for some type of meds like Valium. (which she should be taking)
She always has been a worrier and I don't know if control freak is the right term but heaven forbid there be a dust bunny on the floor or a dirty dish in the sink.
Sis and I agree that she has to relax!! She used to belong to a gym which is like a mile away but hasn't gone for a yr. Both her and dad do not eat enough-not related to money by any means and NO JUNK FOOD!!! Dad does enjoy candy though and we sneak it to them. When they come and visit there is plenty to eat and my dad has a really good appetite. I think she is overly concerned about diet as cholesterol numbers are good for both of them. Dad had is PSA number for his prostrate monitored as he had radiation seeds implanted about 3 yrs ago. In December mom wore a 24 hr BP monitor which she gets results next tuesday. She has and makes Dad have medical tests done more than what the docs recommend (like colonoscopy). Everything is always good.
Both her and dad do not drink enough water which I feel is common for their generation-sis and I have repeatedly advised them to drink more. As sis is a college coach she has asked the team docs advise over the yrs and they had given us the same common sense advise.
At this period in time its like banging your head on the wall.
Do we have any right to contact mom's doc??
Any advise from anyone that has gone through this?????
Its so frustrating.
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Right would depend if you have power of attorney or your parents have signed off on you getting medical info... I would
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Actually, it sounds like they are doing pretty well at keeping up their health care. I don't understand why you want to call their doctor? Has your Mom's anxiety increased recently, or is it the same as always? If you want to give the doc info, you can certainly do that. They just can't give any info back without a release from your parents.
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