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I have never screamed and cried so much in my life!

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So I'm sitting at the computer today and Oscar likes to keep me company by sitting on the ledge(15-20 ft. drop down stairs). All of a sudden I hear something fall and look over and Oscar is gone! I screamed so LOUD and he ran up stairs and was so scared! So I tried to get him to see if he was okay and he ran into the bedroom where he finally let me hold him. I BAWLED while calling Trav and it seems that he may have bit his tongue or something but no blood. He is perfectly fine right now and Trav is playing with him and he is fighting back and walking like normal. I have been so worried but he is eating and drinking and playing just like normal. It was just VERY traumatic for me and for sure, him.
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oh Oscar sweetheart - please be very very careful

so glad your okay darlin
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Oscar, I'm so glad your ok!!! You gave your mommy a big scare!!!
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You might want to glue down some carpet pieces so he has something to grab onto next time.
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Glad Oscar's ok! No more scary meowmy Oscar!
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Reminds me of the time Sheba climbed the light pole (I took a picture) or when she was walking on the rafters of the workshop (20 ft up) or when she decided to walk on the newly installed metal roof of garden shed (16 feet). It didn't pay to yell she saw nothing wrong. So I hope your heart rate has finally slowed down. Give that Oscar a big hug!!
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I was shaking so bad going back to work after lunch. I was so worried!
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I'm glad Oscar is okay!
post #9 of 22 more falling down the stairs. OK?
You almost scared Mommy to death.
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It's so hard when our babies hurt themselves!
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Ohhh, just reading that I was like . I thought he was really hurt or something. Gosh, if my cats ever did that I would be screaming and crying too, for sure!!! That is so scary. I am sooooo glad he is okay.
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I told him that he has 7 lives left now and he's only 4 so he better use them wisely......
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Bad Oscar, scaring your meowmy!

When I volunteered at a cat rescue, there was the same thing, a 20 foot drop down into the cement basement floor.. one of the cats fell off it one day and I ran down the stairs, mind going a mile a minute.. I thought he was dead when I got down there.. but he was awake and looking at me.. blood coming out of his nose. I rushed him to the vets and he stayed there overnight.. but he was alright, thank god.
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Poor Oscar!

I'm SO glad he's ok!
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Poor Oscar *cuddles him* I am so glad he is OK.

I can understand how much this scared you....and Oscar...don't scare mommy like that again ok? you need to be careful!

So glad everything is Ok and sending you lots of friendly hugs to get over this awful experiance *hugs*
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Wow thats scary! I always thought cats had perfect balance and never fell, until I got cats and I realised that they can be as clumsy as their owners...
So glad he's ok
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Have you taken him to a vet just to make sure he doesn't have any internal bleeding or anything? Not to be a pooper but I would make sure that he is in good health.

Poor Oscar. I hope he is okay.
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Oh no! Poor Oscar, and poor YOU! That would have scared me to death!!! I'm glad he's okay!
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Oh no! I'm so glad that he's okay (& you are too!!)

I hope he uses those 7 lives wisely!

Silly Oscar!
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Oh, what a shock you must have had!!

I'm pleased that Oscar is okay and I hope he doesn't think about trying that one again!

Oscar, don't scare your Meowmy like that!!
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How scarey! Yikes.

I bet your scream scared him as much as his fall scared you. I am so glad he's ok
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Originally Posted by stormy
Glad Oscar's ok! No more scary meowmy Oscar!
...Obey to mommie Oscar!

Poor Court!...
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