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Comet Update

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Comet, my little rescue kitty, is progressing nicely. His little mangled paw is healing nicely and he is using it for all kinds of things (some he shouldn't ). I don't believe that he will lose it and maybe not even his claw.

He still hops but can drag himself up onto the bed. It is kind of funny. He looks like he is climbing a rope. I wish he wouldn't climb up there because I am afraid that he will hurt his paw jumping down and he does jump down.

He pretty much goes wherever he wants. The others have pretty much accepted him except Snow (and he is just a grump). The girls (Angel and Leia) will even tolerate him and allow him to play a little tinkle ball with them if they are feeling extremely generous.

I wish that I could find a really good home for him. Not that I don't love him, but because with this many cats, I am afraid he just doesn't get as much love and attention as he could somewhere else. But maybe a good home with little less attention is better than a questionable home with someone else.
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Good news, and I hope he continues the progress. I certainly wouldn't give him away unless you are very sure it's a good home.
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It's wonderful to hear that Comet is doing so well!! You were able to give him enough love to perform a miracle!! Maybe it's not the quantity but the quality of love that matters.
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I give God all the glory for Comet's survival. He was a goner when I found him. I truly believe that God hears and answers prayer because he heard mine that first night. That is one cat that was given another life.

For that matter, the love and care that I have to share is a gift from God, too. Just glad that he was able to use me.
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Bless you! Good to hear about Comet.
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