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Originally Posted by sofiecusion
Law and Order
Law and Order: SVU
Law and Order: CI
(usually watch it every Sunday, Tues, and Wed on NBC and also some of the occasional re-runs on USA and TNT)
The Apprentice
Law & Order-CI is the best. I do like Animal Planet also, as well as American Idol when they have the auditions, and Gilmore Girls.
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The Daily Show (I don't always get to this, but a few times a week I see it)
Desperate Housewives
Animal Cops (I miss this sometimes, but make a point to watch it a couple times a week)

I don't know. I'm not a huge TV watcher. I also like CSI and Arrested Development, but I don't really make it a point to watch a lot of shows. My parents TiVO all of this, so I get my fill whenever I visit
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Originally Posted by Leto86
Gilmore Girls
One Tree Hill
All of the above and Las Vegas, Desperate Housewives,
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Originally Posted by white cat lover
Woo-Hoo! Someone else likes the Stargate shows, too!
Oh you betcha!
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Well occationally I actually watch a show usually I listen

I try not to miss
las Vegas
West wing
The oc
Greys anatomy
Da vincis inquest
Monk I watch after recording ..
crossing jordan

My mother records like four shows a night..lol.. i am still watching things from last season///

this new show In justice is interesting
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I can't count how many times I've watched episode after episode of Sex and the City. I also really like Six Feet Under... It's too bad both shows have been cancelled. I also try to watch Oprah when I'm home.

I can't say there is any other show I watch religiously. I'm more of a movie buff.
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I forgot about Monk...I am very " Monk-ish"...are you?
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Arrested Development (was hard when they were changing the schedule)
Dancing with the Stars (since hubby and I take dance lessions already)
My Name is Earl
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My can't miss tv shows are

Everybody hates Chris
Fit Club 3
Planet's funniest Animals
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