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What shows do you not miss?

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Or at least record religiously?

I just have 3, and they are my guilty pleasures. The O.C., which I record every week, but don't always watch weekly. Actually, I just got caught up on about 6 episodes since Christmas. But now that I'm caught up I can't wait for the new episode tonight!

My other two are on Sunday night, and lucky for me are back to back. Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. This year I am totally obsessed with Grey's Anatomy!
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I looooooove CSI, Seinfeld, Friends and Home Improvement.

I also try to catch the games anytime the Red Wings, Pistons, Cornhuskers (football) and Wolverines (football) are on TV.
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I have 2. My favorite show EVER! LOST!!!!!! I am soooo glad there was a new episode on last night!!!! Last but not least lol SCRUBS! I love those guys, they are hilarious
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The O.C.!!!(although it's been getting a little out of control.)

Me too, definatly, and actually, I am sooo into the beauty and the geek show too.
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this is the first season that I have ever really watched TV and boy have I ever gotten into it, ya ready?
Sunday-Desperate Housewives
Monday- Surface and Prison Break (starts back up in March grrrrr)
Tuesday- Bones
Wednesday- Lost & Veronica Mars (and America's Next Top Model in the spring again)
Thursday- was The Apprentice, but now its Dancing With the Stars
Friday- that new show In Justice very good!

I am a slave to my TV- I got DVR because I didn't want to miss anything!!
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Law & Order, and Law & Order: SVU. I do miss a lot of episodes, but I buy the season DVDs, and then spend an occasional Sunday afternoon watching 5 or 6 episodes.
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Gilmore Girls
One Tree Hill
CSI (vegas)

And Bones is moving to wednesday nights at 8 or 9.. going to mess up the whole night.
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I can't miss House. I also watch the Sopranos religiously when it is on. I am also an American Idol addict
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The O.C
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Wow, there's a lot of OC fan here! It has been getting a bit out there, and I presume it will only get more out there with Marissa's little (wicked) sister coming back.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
I am also an American Idol addict
I love American Idol too! (Its okay!)

Meet The Barkers on MTV, I am just in total love with them!
I really love Travis Barker

Friends (when it was on! - now I just own all 10 series so I can always watch them!)

REAL WORLD!! I cannot wait for it to start back up again!
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I use my DVR for Dr. Phil everyday (because i'm at work), but i dont ever miss desperate housewives, CSI Las Vegas, Invasion and now the Bachelor!
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Originally Posted by yasmine
I use my DVR for Dr. Phil everyday (because i'm at work), but i dont ever miss desperate housewives, CSI Las Vegas, Invasion and now the Bachelor!
I totally forgot about The Bachelor, I watched it the other night, I am such a reality show addict!
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There are lots of shows I like, but my "must see TV" shows are The Amazing Race, Debbie Travis's Facelift (it's on HGTV in Canada), and my new favourite show, the re-runs of How Not To Decorate. It's a British home decorating show, and they have just started running last year's shows on HGTV Canada as well.

Unfortunately, all of these are on the same night, and when The Amazing Race comes back, it will be at the same time as How Not To Decorate.

I also love What Not to Wear.
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since i got rid of cable i don't miss BARNEY!!! i don't miss THE WORLD SERIES OF POKER lmao my DH would watch nothing but that (yuck) and i don't miss the fishing shows (again DH) lol
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I never miss House!!! I also love CSI Miami and CSI Las Vegas!!!

I can't wait for 24 on Sunday night!!
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Gilmore Girls
Criminal Minds
Law and Order SVU
Law and Order CI
Amazing Race
Whose Line is It Anyway?
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Shortland Street!
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The First 48
The Shield
Grey's Anatomy
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When I saw this thread, I thought it was about which shows that you didn't care about that were gone. There are a lot of shows I like, but I miss all of them on a regular basis. Comprende? I don't have a routine for TV, so even though I like intense shows such as 24 or comedies like Reba, I just don't watch them every night.
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CSI - I have a CSI t-shirt I got in Vegas
CSI Miami
CSI New York
Cold Case
Criminal Minds
Big Brother
American Idol
and many more...

My hubby tapes a lot for me since I don't get off work until 9pm
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Real World

And the new Emily's Reasons Why Not which turned out to be pretty decent

I heart TIVO!
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Gilmore Girls, ER and The Amazing Race are the only shows I watch religiously. Gilmore Girls I sit down and watch on Tuesdays when it's on (and everyone knows that I won't take phone calls, etc until it's over ). ER and The Amazing Race I tend to tape and watch on the weekends. Even if I find out who got eliminated on the Amazing Race, I still like to watch it to see all the different places they go.
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Dh loves public tv on sunday so we tape this old house, victory garden etc.
I have to tape lost as DH watches Criminal Minds. We tape my name is earl as it conflicts with CSI (not tonite!!) We usually tape depending on what is new or reruns. Otherwise I'll wait till summer to watch missed shows.
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I often miss the shows I like, because I forget to tune in. The TV is always on, but often it is just background noise.

The show I see most is Extreme Makeover Home Edition-it makes me cry every time! I also like PBR Bullriding , and I saw Beauty and the Geek the first season and it was great. I love Monk. I also like Clean Sweep, and another that I think is called How Clean is Your House?

Since I have cartoons on a lot, from the kids, I also like CatScratch! LOL!
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Grey's Anatomy
The Iron Chef
Untold Stories of The Er
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The Shield
Law and Order (SVU, Criminal Intent, Trial By Jury)
South Park
Days of our Lives
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Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Doctor 90210 and Dog the bounty hunter. I love Beth on that show, you just have to love a woman that chases down the bad guys in stilettoes!
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I'm an American Idol/Dancing with the Stars addict!!! Also, House, ER, and I want to watch Skating with the Stars too!
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Dr. 90210
Gilmore Girls
One Tree Hill
The OC--Never ever miss an episode!!
Ghost Whisperer
Grey's Anatomy
I know it's a lot of shows....I tape a bunch of them religiously and watch later when I have time. On weekends or at night when I can't sleep.
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